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What is submersible pump?

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Submersible pump refers to a kind of pump whose impeller and the motor driving the impeller are immersed in water. It can extract groundwater to the surface, which is used for domestic water, mine rescue, industrial cooling, farmland irrigation, sea water lifting, ship load adjustment, and also can be used for fountain landscape.

The hot water submersible pump is used for hot spring bathing, can also be used to extract groundwater from deep wells, and can also be used for water extraction projects such as rivers, reservoirs, and canals. It is mainly used for farmland irrigation and human and livestock water in alpine areas, and also for central air conditioning cooling, heat pump unit, cold pump unit, city, factory, railway, mine and site drainage. The general flow can reach 5~650m ³/ H. The lift can reach 10-550 meters.

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The motors used in submersible pumps are dry type (the motor is fully sealed), semi-dry type (the stator of the motor is sealed while the rotor is running in water), oil-filled (the motor is filled with oil to prevent penetration of the windings) and wet (inside the motor) Filled with water, the stator and rotor are running in water) and other types. The first three types all need to be sealed and require high manufacturing and installation accuracy. Therefore, agricultural deep-well submersible pumps usually use wet motors. The stator windings use water-resistant insulated wires or synthetic resins are poured into the ends and slots of the stator windings. Water enters the motor. Small, the sealing structure can be greatly simplified, only sand control is required. Some deep well submersible electric pumps have a lift of up to 1400 meters and a maximum flow rate of 1.4 m3/s.

What are the main types of submersible pumps

① Well electric submersible pump: including water filled well electric submersible pump, oil filled well electric submersible pump, shielded well electric submersible pump and dry well electric submersible pump.

② Small scale submersible pump: including river submersible pump, such as QY type oil filled submersible pump, QS type water filled submersible pump, Q type dry type submersible pump, QN type dry type built-in submersible pump, etc.; engineering submersible pump, such as QDX type single-phase dry type pump, QX type three-phase dry type pump, qxn type three-phase pump built-in submersible pump, etc.

③ Sewage submersible pump: including sewage submersible pump, sewage submersible pump, fiber sewage submersible pump.

④ Mining submersible pump: including mining explosion-proof submersible pump and mining ordinary submersible pump.

⑤ Axial flow submersible pump.

⑥ High pressure submersible pump: including high pressure submersible pump for mine and well and common high pressure submersible pump.

⑦ Submersible pump for sea water and salt field.

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