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What is small water pump?


Small water pump refers to micro water pump, micro liquid pump, liquid sampling pump and diaphragm pump. Usually, we refer to pumps with very small volumes as small water pumps, and the voltage of small water pumps is usually DC voltage: 3v, 6v, 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, etc. The application range of small water pumps is very wide, such as in the automotive industry, solar photovoltaic products, food industry, household products (aquariums, landscape gardens, foot bathing, bathing, water heating mattresses), mechanical equipment, and chemical products, etc.

Some customers often ask about the need for a small water pump, but what is the definition of a small water pump? What is a small water pump? The needs of different users are different in defining what is a small water  pump. In this paper, we will introduce the characteristics of our small water pump in detail.

small water pump

1. Small water pumps are generally small in size.

In terms of volume, the smallest is the water pump P4002 in the water heating mattress industry. Its length, width and height are only 40.1 * 34 * 53.5mm, which is about the size of a match box. Of course, the largest volume is P8002 in the water chiller industry. The length, width and height of this model are 134 * 199 * 132mm.

2. The flow rate of small water pumps is relatively low.

For the flow, the smallest opening flow is the small water pump P3004, and the opening flow is 4L/min. It is most suitable for small medical equipment. The largest opening flow is the small water pump P9001 in the automobile industry, and the largest opening flow is 180L/min.

3. Small water pumps are very lightweight.

In terms of weight, the lightest is the water heating mattress water pump P4002, only 97g; The heaviest is the P9007 electronic automobile pump, which weighs only 2.4kg. It is light in weight and convenient to carry. It is usually necessary for the water pump to work in different working environments. It is most important to choose a suitable water pump.

4. The voltage of the small water pump is too low.

The working voltage of small water pump is DC, which is generally divided into 6V 12V 24V 48V. DC safe voltage power supply is adopted to ensure safety. Under different AC conditions, the water supply pump can be operated with battery, vehicle-mounted battery and lithium battery.

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