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How to install an smart toilet booster pump?


The smart toilet booster pump is a DC brushless water pump specially used for smart toilets. It refers to the use of DC 4.5V ~ 24V to drive the brushless motor to run, and the brushless motor rotates to drive the impeller to rotate, thereby increasing the liquid pressure. Equipment for transferring liquids and increasing pressure.


smart toilet water pump

The working principle of the tankless smart toilet: The tankless toilet is a new type of water-saving toilet that does not have a water tank and is directly flushed with city tap water. It makes full use of the urban tap water pressure and the pressure of the smart toilet booster pump, and applies the principle of fluid mechanics to match the amount of flushing water with the kinetic energy of flushing. , Urine is generally between 1-2L, the water saving effect can reach more than 50%, not only eliminates the odor caused by the water tank or the toilet due to water pollution or pollution, but also embellishes the bathroom environment by touch or induction or remote control.


How to install an smart toilet booster pump


Before preparing to install the smart toilet booster pump, it is necessary to check whether the various parts of the smart toilet booster pump are loose. Secondly, the smart toilet booster pump should be installed vertically or horizontally, and the direction of water flow should be consistent with the direction of the arrow displayed on the pump body. Finally, install a valve in front of the booster pump as much as possible, so that it is convenient for maintenance in the future.


During the installation of the smart toilet booster pump, it must be installed horizontally or vertically as shown in the "Installation Mode" display, and the direction of the water flow should be consistent with the direction of the arrow on the pump body, and it should be installed as low as possible from the water level.


The above is for you about what is a smart toilet booster pump? How to install a booster pump in a smart toilet? I hope it can be helpful to you! For more information, please pay attention to Shenpeng.

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