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How to choose water heater booster pump?


The water heater booster pump is an important part of the water heater. Its quality directly affects the quality, brand and reputation of the water heater. Therefore, when the water heater manufacturer chooses the water heater booster pump, it needs to pass a series of strict sample screening, real machine test and installation, etc. In the end, the appropriate water pump is selected.

When customers choose water heaters, most of them will consider choosing big brands and products with good reputation. The same water heater manufacturers also need to consider this aspect when choosing related accessories. Because there are too many uneven products on the market, the choice is also dazzling. Don't choose some pumps that are cheap and have not been verified by the market. Once a problem occurs, the company's brand and losses are immeasurable. Shenpeng was founded in In 2004, he has been cultivating the water heater industry for 17 years. He is a global brushless DC water pumpsolution expert. He has a good reputation in the industry. Here are some suggestions for choosing a water pump:

water heater booster pump

1. How to choose the water heater booster pump voltage, flow, and head?

The voltage of the water heater booster pump is generally selected according to the current and power planned during the preliminary development and design of the water heater manufacturer. Commonly used voltages are 12v, 24v, and 36v. The flow and head of the water pump are mainly selected according to the capacity of the manufacturer's water heater. For example, the common capacity of water heaters is 13L and 16L. Shenpeng recommends choosing a pump with a head: 10m and a flow rate: 20L/min. If the water heater capacity is more than 18L, Shenpeng recommends Choose a pump with a head of 11m or 12m and a flow rate of 22L/min and above. Of course, Shenpeng can also customize the development of pumps for special models.

2. How to choose the  waterproof grade of the water heater booster pump?

There are many waterproof grades of water pumps, such as IP22, IP67, IP68, etc. Which one to choose? The interior of the water heater itself is relatively dry, but most of the water heaters are installed in a relatively humid environment, so for the inside Most of the accessories should be waterproof and moisture-proof, so it is generally recommended to choose IP67 or IP68 (this mainly depends on the manufacturer's technical requirements and actual environment to choose)

3. Regarding the pressure of the water heater booster pump?

The water heater is connected to the tap water pipe, so the water pump must have a certain pressure-bearing capacity. Generally, the pressure of urban water supply is only about 3 kilograms, and the pressure on the sixth floor will be reduced to about 1.2-1.5 kilograms. The water heater booster pump produced by Shenpeng Division has a pulse pressure of 12Kg, 100,000 times, and a burst pressure of 3.5Mpa, which can easily cope with the pressure problem of the water pump.

4. How to choose the ambient temperature and medium temperature of the water pump?

Water heaters generally work at room temperature, and the temperature of the water is between 0-100 ℃, so the above conditions can be met. If it is under special conditions, you can also change the material of the pump to meet the demand.

5. How to choose the noise of the water heater booster pump?

"Household gas instantaneous water heater full-process silent classification evaluation specification": the front noise of the gas water heater at rated load combustion and the preheating process noise of the first-level silent performance classification index should be ≤40 dB(A), and the side noise during rated load combustion ≤43( A). The maximum noise of Shenpeng water heater pump is less than or equal to 40dB (A), which is equivalent to a soft whisper or the hum of a refrigerator. It has no impact on consumers' daily life and meets the first-level mute standard in the specification.

Through the above explanation, everyone knows how to choose a water heater booster pump. As the company that developed brushless DC water pumps earlier in China, Shenpeng welcomes more water heater manufacturers to discuss industry technology development and explore industry development trends.

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