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Speed regulation mode of DC water pump


The speed regulation mode of dc water pump can change the pump power by adjusting the input voltage, or adjust the speed of two-phase ordinary water pump by inputting PWM adjustable duty cycle power supply. This method is relatively expensive, and adjusting the speed by changing the voltage is not conducive to implementation.


Three-phase dc water pump wiring diagram:


DC water pump

Dc water pump potentiometer speed control wiring method: (non-speed control water pump does not lead out the speed control signal line):

The red wire in the speed control interface is positive 5V, the yellow wire is the speed control signal wire, the black wire is the ground wire, the red and black wires are connected to the two ends of the potentiometer, and the yellow wire is connected to the middle of the potentiometer, so that the potentiometer can be rotated. The voltage of the yellow wire is slid between 0-5V, so that the potentiometer is used to realize the speed adjustment between 0-5V. Do not touch the red wire and the black wire together, which will easily cause the circuit board to burn out. The potentiometer speed control is the same as the VR (0-5V) speed control. If the VR speed control is used, you only need to remove the potentiometer. Just connect according to the VR speed regulation method.


Dc water pump wiring method for PWM or analog signal VR (0-5V) speed regulation:

PWM (50-800HZ signal amplitude is 5v) or analog signal (0-5V) speed control only needs to connect the yellow wire in the speed control interface to the speed control signal generating port of the external control system (PWM or 0-5V), Connect the black wire to the system ground wire and leave the red wire in the air.

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