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The working principle of the chiller booster pump


The working principle of the chiller booster pump is to inject a certain amount of water into the stainless steel water tank in the chiller, cool the water through the chiller's refrigeration system, and then press the chiller's booster pump to cool the low temperature The water is sent to the semiconductor laser equipment that needs to be cooled. At this time, the water chilled by the water chiller will take away the heat in the laser machine, then the temperature will rise and then return to the water tank and then go through the cooling cycle of the chiller to achieve cooling.


chiller booster pump

For chiller booster pumps, they often pay attention to the cooling capacity of laser chillers, but most of them ignore the important factors such as pump flow and water flow. The volume of the chiller booster pump of the chiller represents the cooling capacity of the compressor, and the water flow represents the ability of the chiller to take away heat. The speed of the water flow is due to the relationship between the pump head pressure of the laser chiller, if The pump flow is too low (the pump flow of some "cheap" laser chillers on the market is even less than 10 meters) then the water flow rate is very slow, and the cooled water in the water tank cannot be circulated to the laser in time In this way, the heat of the laser equipment cannot be cooled and taken away in time, so this causes a phenomenon that everyone often sees: a laser chiller with a nominal cooling capacity of 1600W is connected to a 75W semiconductor laser marking machine, cold water The machine shows 25℃, but the laser machine is hot. This is because the laser chiller does not play a cooling role.


And because the laser chiller water pump Yang Cheng is too small, it is very easy to cause poor heat dissipation of the laser module and Q head, and it is easy to cause dirty blockage, which directly affects the performance and service life of the laser! The chillers with low pump Yangcheng basically do not have a water filter, because the filter has a certain resistance, which will cause the water flow to be smaller or even the chiller cannot operate normally, and the chiller with low pump Yangcheng generally does not Equipped with a water filter, it is easy to cause impurities, clogging and scale in the pure water in the laser water chiller.

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