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What is the best 12 volt water pump?


12 volt water pump refers to DC power supply, such as DC 12 v, DC 24v. Can use switching DC power supply for voltage transformation, but also can be connect the car battery, very convenient to use.For micro water pumps, direct current is a safe voltage, compared to AC water pumps, it is safer to use.   12 volt water pump

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what is the best 12 volt water pump for 2023? I think the following points must be met, let us take a look.(The water pump produced by Shenpeng Company meets all the following conditions):

1. Long life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption.

2. The stator and circuit board of the motor are potted with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which solves the problem of water leakage caused by long-term diving of the motor-type DC water pump. It can be installed underwater and is completely waterproof.  best 12 volt water pump

12 volt water pump

3. The same voltage can make a lot of parameters, such as 24 v pump can be made into a head 2 meters, can also be made into a head 7 meters. Pumps can run at wide voltages, such as 24 v pumps can run below 24v.    12 volt water pump

4. The shaft of the water pump adopts a high-performance ceramic shaft, which has high precision and good wear resistance. Because the water pump adopts a precise fit between the shaft sleeve and the ceramic shaft, the noise is lower than 35 decibels, and the lower power can even reach 30 decibels, almost Achieve mute effect.

5. The three-phase hall-free program-driven DC pump in the water pump can realize PWM speed regulation, analog signal input speed regulation, and potentiometer manual speed regulation, so that the flow and head can be adjusted, and the music fountain can be customized.

6. Three-phase DC pump has impeller rotor clamping protection, reverse protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection. 

7. Three-phase program drive direct pump control for soft start, no impact, low power consumption.

8. Three-phase program drive DC circuit board can be completely separated from the pump body, there are no components in the pump body, and then the pump body uses high temperature resistant material, so that the pump can be used in boiling water for a long time. 

9. Three-phase DC program control pump for the company's unique innovative products, high scientific and technological content, high degree of intelligence, easy to control. 

10. Pumps can be configured according to customer requirements with 4 pipe threads or 6 pipe threads to meet the needs of special customers. 

11. Multifunctional design, which can be used for diving or placed outside (installed below liquid level) 

12. Water pumps can be customized and designed according to customer requirements

Application range of 12v water pump

Automatic equipment water circulation, water cooling and other electrical appliances, water dispensers, sanitary products, paper shredders, soilless cultivation, water heating mattresses, air conditioning and water pumping, fish tanks, desktop crafts, foot baths, water heating mattresses, water heaters, computer water cooling, water cooling fans, medical devices, pharmaceutical systems, chemicals, circulation systems, cooling and cooling systems, refrigeration systems, solar fountains, small irrigation systems, water treatment systems, small water supply systems, Automobile circulating system, machine tool, household appliance, kitchen appliance, hot water circulating system

Features of 12v water pump

1. Without maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, and stable operation.

2. No carbon brush, no pollution, electronic commutation, long service life.

3. The stator and circuit board of the motor are sealed with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which solves the leakage problem caused by long-term diving of the motor-type DC pump and is completely waterproof.

4. The pump parameters can be adjusted according to the requirements. The 12V pump can adjust the head of 1 meter or 3 meters, with the same volume and wide voltage operation.

5. Solved the mortality problem of water pump drive. At present, the mortality rate of water pump on the market is about 2%~3%. After a long time of scientific research and research, the death rate of the pump has been reduced to less than 5 per 10000.

6. If the pump head needs to be increased, the pump can also be connected in series, and the head can be doubled.

7. Both water and land (the installation position is lower than the liquid level for external use).

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