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Water heating mattress silent water pump


Silent water pump refers to a miniature water pump with minimal noise, which adopts a special design with lower noise and vibration levels. The biggest characteristic of this type of water pump is its silent performance, which can be achieved through a series of designs and material choices.

mattress water pump

A water heating mattress water pump is a special type of pump commonly used in water heating mattresses or similar equipment to transport water from a water reservoir to a water heating mattress, achieving the purpose of heating the human body. This type of water pump usually adopts a silent design to reduce noise interference.

The water heating mattress water pump usually consists of an electric motor and a pump body. The motor is the core component of the water pump, responsible for driving the operation of the water pump. The water pump is responsible for extracting water from the reservoir and delivering it to the water heating mattress. During this process, the water pump usually passes through some filters or other devices to remove impurities and odors from the water, ensuring the quality and safety of the water.

The characteristics of the water heating mattress water pump produced by Shenpeng Company are:

1. Good mute performance: ≤ 25dB (A).

2. Stable operation, brushless motor, small size.

3. Long service life: ≥ 20000 hours.

4. High and low temperature resistance: -25 ℃ to 70 ℃.

Water heating mattress pumps are usually designed with low noise and manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure that excessive noise and vibration are not generated during use. In addition, the motor and pump body of the water heating mattress water pump have been carefully designed and manufactured to ensure its stability and durability.

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