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In 2023, Shenpeng will carry out fire drills to ensure the safety of enterprise production


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▲ Count the number of personnel in charge of each department

On October 25th, with the sound of an emergency alarm, the 2023 fire drill of Shenpeng officially began. The purpose of this fire drill is to strengthen the fire safety awareness and emergency response ability of all employees. Through this fire drill, all employees can proficiently master the use of fire equipment, carry out basic firefighting and protection, improve the company's emergency organization and handling ability to respond to sudden fires, and achieve the ability to quickly, orderly, and effectively carry out firefighting, evacuation, and escape in emergency situations.

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▲ Fire escape drill site

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▲ Simulate rescue of injured personnel

At 15: 00 p.m., a rehearsed fire broke out. After the company fire alarm sounded, production employees and office staff quickly responded and withdrew from the production workshop and office building. Subsequently, department heads counted the number of people and organized the team. After receiving the alarm, the fire truck quickly rushed to the scene of the accident simulation and carried out firefighting drills.

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▲ Demonstration of how to use fire extinguishers

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▲ Practical fire extinguishing drill

After everyone gathered, the person in charge of the safety work group explained the use of dry powder fire extinguishers and the fire hydrant fire extinguishing drill on site. Subsequently, employee representatives also wanted to try it out, and everyone lined up to conduct practical fire extinguishing drills one by one.

Fire drill..JPGFire drill..JPG

▲ Fire hydrant usage drill

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▲ Summary of Fire Drill Experience

After the drill, the company leaders analyzed and summarized the entire process of the drill, fully affirmed the emergency response measures taken by all employees, and pointed out the problems and shortcomings that existed during the drill. They requested the safety work team to implement and rectify the existing problems, and make all work more detailed, with higher standards and stricter requirements, to do a good job in fire safety work, By promoting practical combat through drills and improving through practical combat, we have truly established a scientific and responsive emergency response team.

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