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What is electric water pump?


Electric water pump is a new type of water pump that uses piezoelectric materials as the power device, achieving complete digitization from control to drive, and fully controlling liquid transmission through an electronic integrated system, thereby achieving adjustability and accuracy of liquid transmission.

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Characteristics of electric water pumps

1. The driving mode uses piezoelectric materials as the power device, overturning the traditional sense of electric motor drive.

2. It can accurately transport liquids and be used in fields such as liquid quantitative transmission and quantitative control.

3. The speed of conveying liquid is adjustable.

4. The pump body comes with an operation panel, all operations are completed through electronic buttons, fully digital settings, equipped with digital display, intuitive and accurate.

5. Small in size (similar to a cigarette pack) and light in weight (less than 200 grams).

The emergence of electric water pumps will bring the micro water pump industry into a new era, which is a new reform of the micro water pump industry and has profound significance in the development history of the micro pump industry.

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