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Shenpeng : Opening Ceremony of the Second Summer Camp


Summer Camp

On July 10th, the second summer camp event of Shenpeng officially opened, allowing children to "go to work" with their parents again. This summer camp event is the second held by Shenpeng, which allows children to have a happy and fulfilling summer through both "care", "management", and "teaching" methods, and solves employees' worries, More than 80 children have joined the summer camp organized by Shenpeng. Every morning, children carry backpacks and come to Shenpeng under the guidance of their parents, starting a happy day.

Summer Camp

Bring practical matters to the hearts of employees

The original intention of Shenpeng' summer camp activity is: because most of its employees come from all over the world and gather together for their dreams, while most of the children are in their hometown or have no time to take care of them, so they spend more time together. The leaders of Shenpeng are well aware of the difficulties faced by employees, so when the children's summer vacation approaches, they specially prepare summer camp activities to take care of the children, so that the employees can work with peace of mind during the day and share the joy of family together at night.

Summer Camp

Thank you to the leadership for fully considering the needs of our employees, and to the extended family for their care and warmth. We have done a great deed and deed for our employees, and our children have been taken care of, making us feel more at ease and at ease at work, "said a parent representative.

Summer Camp

General Manager's speech: Caring for employees is an important part of the company's cultural construction. We hope to help employees solve the problem of leaving their children unattended through summer camp activities, so that everyone can feel the warmth from the company. We believe that with everyone's joint efforts, our summer camp activities will become better and better.

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