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Portable water heater pump


Portable water heater pump is also called solar water heater water pump,The solar water heater water pump uses brushless DC circulating water pump, which has small starting current, high efficiency, simple operation, stable and reliable operation, and can be directly used with solar energy (the start delay function of the water pump equipped with solar panel includes: undervoltage, overvoltage protection function, equipped with start assembly, and the starting instantaneous current is very small -- about 0.5-1.1 times of the rated working current), Long service life (more than 20000 hours), low noise (about 40dB), brushless pollution, absolute environmental protection, safety and health, environmental protection and energy conservation (because brushless is electronically controlled commutation, no spark generation, no carbon brush dust pollution); No interference, stable speed regulation (three-phase brushless water pump), excellent design structure: the water pump head is connected with the motor rotor cavity, and the motor rotor cavity is absolutely isolated from the motor stator, so as to achieve complete waterproof and leakage prevention and high efficiency of the motor water pump.

Portable water heater pump

Features of portable water heater pump:

1. Long service life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption

2. The design structure is excellent: the water pump head is connected with the motor rotor cavity, and the motor rotor cavity is absolutely isolated from the motor stator part, so as to achieve complete waterproof and leak-proof, and the motor water pump efficiency is high, safe and sanitary, environmental protection and energy conservation (because the brushless is electronically controlled commutation, no spark generation, no carbon brush dust pollution).

3. The shaft of the water pump adopts high-performance ceramic shaft with high precision and good wear resistance. Because the water pump uses the precise combination of the shaft sleeve and the ceramic shaft, the noise is less than 35 dB, and the lower power can even reach below 35 dB, almost achieving the mute effect.

4. The three-phase DC water pump in the water pump can realize PWM speed regulation, analog signal input speed regulation, and potentiometer manual speed regulation, so that the flow and head can be adjusted, and the music fountain can be customized.

5. Three-phase brushless water pump, with impeller rotor jamming protection, reverse connection protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, control for soft start, no impact, low starting power consumption.

6. Multi-functional design, can be used for diving or placed outside (the installation position is lower than the liquid level)

7. The water pump can be customized according to the user's requirements and designed according to the customer's requirements Remarks: the maximum liquid temperature is 60 to 100 degrees (according to the user's requirements) Power line length: According to the user's requirements, the brushless DC water pump has the characteristics of long service life, low energy consumption, high efficiency, no spark, no vibration, low noise, stable rotation speed, reliable operation and so on. It is one of the new environmental protection products that develop rapidly in the 21st century.

Portable water heater pump can be used for computer water cooling system, solar water heater, wall-mounted stove, solar fountain, desktop fountain, music fountain, handicraft, coffee machine, water dispenser, tea maker, wine dispenser, soilless cultivation, shower, women's washer, tooth washer, water heater pressurization, water heating mattress, hot water circulation, swimming pool water circulation filtration, foot washing, surfing massage basin, surfing massage bathtub, car cooling circulation system, oiler, humidifier, Air conditioners, washing machines, cars, small irrigation, medical equipment, cooling systems, heating systems, sanitary products.

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