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What is a computer water pump?


Computer water pump refers to the water pump installed in the computer water cooling circulation system, which mainly emits a lot of heat generated by the computer to improve the performance of the computer. Centrifugal pump is commonly used in computer water cooling system. Centrifugal pump refers to the pump that transmits liquid by centrifugal force generated when the impeller rotates.


Precautions when using water-cooled computer water pump:

The role of the water pump in the water-cooled computer is very important, and several aspects should be paid attention to when using it to ensure that the water pump works normally.

1. The water pump power interface is a small 4p, which is best connected to the motherboard to prevent the motherboard from detecting the fan and failing to start the machine. If the power interface of the water pump is not 4p small, that is, it cannot be plugged into the motherboard for power supply, then the fan detection needs to be turned off in the BIOS setting to start the machine.

2. The computer water pump is a centrifugal pump and cannot be idle, which will cause damage to the water pump. Because there is no liquid in the pump, the sealing ring, shaft seal, balance plate, etc. will be quickly worn, and the temperature will also rise sharply, causing damage; The transient overload of voltage caused by idle transfer has a great impact on the motor. If the motor cannot take off automatically, it will be burned.

3. Make sure that the water pump is below the liquid level, otherwise it cannot work. If the pump is above and the liquid is below, even if the elevation is relatively small, the phenomenon can suck up water, but this is undoubtedly a destructive test, and the pump is easy to be damaged. The vacuum height of the pump is not enough to pump water up, only the vacuum pump can.

4. The high-power pump brings more performance, but it also discharges more heat into the water channel. However, as far as the water pump in PC industry is concerned, the heat discharged by the water pump itself can be ignored compared with the heat discharged by the cold head.

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