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What is a Solar hot water circulating pump


The new (split) solar hot water system is a more effective hot water supply technology to alleviate the energy crisis and can provide a comfortable lifestyle for families and business life because of its characteristics of sufficient water, multi-point water supply, energy conservation and safety, as well as its outstanding comprehensive advantages in economic costs, social benefits, etc.

Working principle of solar hot water system

The new (split) solar water heating system converts light into energy, which is heated by the collector, and then circulates the heated hot water to the water tank for storage under the forced circulation of the water pump.


The collector, solar power station, water storage tank and pipeline form the whole circulation system. As long as there is sun in the daytime, the collector will generate hot water. When the temperature difference between the collector outlet and the water storage tank reaches the set value of the system, the circulating pump in the solar power station will start to circulate the heated hot water to the water storage tank. In this way, the temperature of the water in the water storage tank keeps rising, When the water temperature in the water storage tank is equal to the outlet temperature of the collector, the water pump stops.

The water pump is used in the split solar hot water system

At present, there are two kinds of pumps for the new solar hot water circulating system commonly seen on the market: AC AC circulating pump and DC DC solar hot water pump.

The traditional separated AC circulating pump system uses 220V/110V to directly supply uninterrupted power to the water pump to realize cold and hot water circulation. The new energy DC direct current solar hot water pump circulation system uses solar panels 12V/24V to directly supply power to the water pump, realizing the cold and hot water exchange. The solar hot water circulating pump developed by Shenpeng is specially used for solar panel circulation.

Features of Shenpeng Solar DC circulating pump:

1. Motor: Shenpeng adopts high-efficiency ECM brushless DC motor to meet customers' requirements for long service life and comprehensive performance. The service life of the water pump is more than 2-30000 hours.

2. Starting power: Shenpeng solar water pump can be started at low voltage of 6v and at low power of 2W. In the morning, the water pump can also be started normally under weak sunlight. The pump can be reliably started even after a long shutdown. The common solar pump on the market can not be started at such low voltage and low power, and it is easy to burn the machine at low power.

3. Protection function:

(1) Overvoltage protection: in case of overvoltage, the pump stops working and restarts when the voltage is lower than the voltage;

(2) ) Locked rotor protection: when the rotor is blocked by sundries, it will automatically protect and shut down, and automatically resume operation after the sundries are removed;

(3) Polarity protection, power polarity reverse connection, water pump does not work, but will not cause unrecoverable failure. Generally, pumps from domestic manufacturers do not have these functions.

In the next few years, the central heating project will become the main way of solar energy sales, in which the split solar water heating system will be gradually popularized among consumers with higher economic income. Shenpeng Electronics has nearly 20 years of experience in providing micro water pumps for the global market, and has long provided 12V/24V micro DC pumps to Kohler, Siemens, Panasonic, Huawei and other Fortune 500 enterprises.

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