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What is energy storage Electric water pump?


Energy storage Electric water pump mainly acts on the pipeline, driving the liquid in the pipeline, allowing the liquid to circulate from one end to the other, taking away the excess heat of the battery system, and achieving internal temperature control. It is precisely because of the role of the water pump that the optimal working temperature condition of the energy storage battery pack is guaranteed. Although the water pump has a small role, it has a huge role.


Energy storage electric water pump

What is an energy storage system?

The energy storage system, also known as battery energy storage system, is composed of battery system, BMS system, PCS system, monitoring system, etc. The conventional air-cooled energy storage container is 40 feet 2.5 MWh, which is composed of 6510 cells with 120 Ah or 2790 cells with 280 Ah. These cells are connected in series and parallel to form a battery system. Thousands of electric cells are stacked to work together, which will generate a lot of heat during operation. If these heat are not discharged in time, it will not only affect the service life of the battery, but also easily lead to the risk of fire.


Introduction to heat dissipation of energy storage system

At present, temperature control technologies in energy storage field are divided into air cooling and liquid cooling. Air cooling and heat dissipation technology is extended from air conditioning, while liquid cooling technology is borrowed from electric vehicles. The air cooling heat dissipation carries the heat generated by the electric core to the outside through the fan, and the liquid cooling heat dissipation carries out convection heat exchange through the coolant, which can conduct accurate temperature management for each electric core. Air cooling technology was first widely used in the energy storage system, but the air cooling system is large in volume and greatly affected by the external environment. There are many problems in system safety, efficiency and economy. The appearance of liquid cooling energy storage just solves the above problems.


The following section focuses on the principle of the energy storage liquid cooling system.

The liquid cooling system is a hot research direction of power battery thermal management at present. It conducts heat exchange through the indirect contact between the evenly distributed guide grooves and the electric cell on the liquid cooling plate, circulates the liquid in the pipeline through the energy storage Electric water pump, takes away the excess heat of the battery system, and achieves the best working temperature condition of the battery pack. The basic components of the liquid cooling system include: liquid cooling plate, liquid cooling unit (optional heater), liquid cooling pipeline (including temperature sensor and valve), high and low pressure wire harness; Coolant (glycol aqueous solution), energy storage Electric water pump, etc.


How should energy storage manufacturers choose energy storage Electric water pumps?

1. The energy storage Electric water pump with stable performance is selected. The energy storage Electric water pump with stable performance can make the energy storage liquid cooling system run normally for a long time. There are many factors that determine the stability of the water pump performance. The most important is the performance of the internal electronic components. Shenpeng has very strict control requirements for the supply chain. Incoming materials must be screened and tested layer by layer before entering the next link. It is precisely because of Shenpeng's rigorous work style that Shenpeng Pump has a good reputation in the industry.


2. Select the energy storage Electric water pump with long service life. Long service life means no frequent replacement, reducing the maintenance cost of energy storage users. The service life of the pumps produced by Shenpeng is more than 20000 hours, which is far higher than the industry standard to require itself to produce better pumps to serve the energy storage industry.


3. The quality and performance of energy storage Electric water pump of vehicle specification level are better. The Shenpeng P9007 energy storage Electric water pump can be used in a variety of extremely harsh environments, such as ambient temperature: - 40~125 ℃, medium temperature: - 40~120 ℃, and has passed the extremely strict ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other system certification in the industry, so the quality and quality are more guaranteed.


4. Select a variety of certified energy storage Electric water pump manufacturers, and the external support will be more reassuring. The products produced by Shenpeng have passed CE, ROHS, REACH and TSCA certification, and some products have obtained UL and FDA food grade certification.


5. Energy storage Electric water pump manufacturers cooperating with large automobile enterprises will be selected to control the production of energy storage Electric water pumps more strictly. Shenzhen Peng officially entered the automotive industry in 2011, and has successively cooperated with Dongfeng, FAW, Shaanxi Automobile, BAIC, Zhengzhou Nissan, Geely, Chery, EasyJet, BAIC, BYD, Chang'an Automobile, Great Wall Automobile, Jiangling Automobile, SAIC GM Wuling, Leadspace, Hezhong and other large domestic automobile enterprises.


Concluding remarks

In the future, as new energy power plants, off grid energy storage and other energy storage plants with larger battery capacity and higher system power density start to demand, the energy density and calorific value of the energy storage system are larger, and the requirements for safety and life are higher. ShenPeng will, as always, go all out to help the rapid development of the energy storage industry.

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