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The importance of dishwasher water pump


As the core component of the dishwasher, the dishwasher water pump plays a prominent role in "washing clean". The high-pressure washing force generated by the dishwasher water pump Thoroughly washes the greasy dirt and food residues on the dishes and chopsticks to clean the dishes and chopsticks. Therefore, the importance of choosing a good water pump is self-evident.

dishwasher water pump

How to choose a good dishwasher water pump?

1. Choose a high lift pump. The higher the lift, the greater the water pressure sprayed out, so that the dishes and chopsticks can be cleaned cleanly.

2. Choose a water pump with a large flow, and when the flow is large, the water volume will be large, so you can wash more dishes and chopsticks at one time.

3. Choose a water pump with low power. The smaller the power is, the smaller the power consumption is, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy conservation;

4. If you choose a silent water pump, the noise will be small and will not affect the user's sense of experience.

5. Choosing a constant power water pump, no matter how the voltage changes, can ensure that the micro water pump can operate in full, so that the dishwasher performance is stable.

6. Choose a DC low-voltage water pump, which has guaranteed safety. Even if there is leakage, it will not cause harm to personal safety, and there is no potential safety hazard.

Shenpeng dishwasher water pump adopts brushless motor, which has small volume, large flow, long service life, low power consumption and low noise. It can meet the needs of most dishwasher manufacturers in the market and can be customized according to customer parameters. Shenpeng has been focusing on micro DC water pumps for 18 years. It is the the earliest company to develop brushless DC water pumps in China. It has CNAs standard laboratory, 300000 level dust-free workshop, 10 professional production lines of electronic water pumps, etc. Choosing a good dishwasher requires a good water pump. Choosing a good water pump should choose Shenpeng.

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