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Introduction of coffee machine water pump


The coffee machine water pump refers to the water pump acting on the coffee machine, which provides pressure for the brewing head,most of the pumps used in coffee machines include positive displacement pump and power pump.

Coffee positive displacement pump pressurizes by changing the volume in the cavity, such as plunger pump, rotary plate pump and gear pump. Positive displacement pump is used in places with high pressure and low flow, such as hydraulic system.  coffee machine water pump

Coffee powered pump is a kind of pump, such as vane pump, centrifugal pump, etc. The power pump is used in places with large flow and low pressure, such as the fuel supply pipeline, or where pre-pressurization is required.

coffee machine water pump

At present, espresso machines mostly use positive displacement pumps, which can only produce a pressure of 15 bar.coffee machine water pump

The choice of plunger pump or rotary plate pump should be considered from the cost. Generally, the piston pump selected for household appliances is used to repeatedly energize the solenoid valve through diode half-wave rectification to generate piston movement, so the pressure pulsation is large.

Commercial coffee machine coffee extraction is a golden time of about 40 seconds. It must maintain a constant pressure, otherwise it can not extract good coffee. The commercial coffee machine uses a rotary pump, which can keep the pressure at a constant value. coffee machine water pump

With the improvement of technology, more and more coffee machines are equipped with DC brushless water pumps:

1. Compact, quiet and powerful brushless motor is suitable for long time continuous operation;

2. Efficient ECM brushless motor with long service life of 20000 hours;

3. Advanced magnetic drive technology, static seal, never leak;

4. Efficient and dynamically balanced impeller, smoother and quieter operation;

5. The good reliability of the water pump comes from its unique design. There is only one operating part: the magnetic drive rotor/impeller rotates in a ceramic bearing, so the service life of the water pump can be extended greatly beyond the standard of ordinary pumps on the market.

6. High temperature resistance of 100 ℃, food-grade materials, heat-resistant materials meet the needs of the food or beverage industry.

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