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Smart toilet water pump solves the problem of insufficient water pressure


The smart toilet water pump is a DC brushless water pump specifically used for intelligent toilets. It uses a DC power supply of 4.5V-24V to drive the brushless motor, which drives the impeller to rotate, thereby increasing the liquid pressure and achieving the function of transmitting liquid.

The core problem of the smart toilet is of course the performance of flushing. If the performance of flushing is insufficient, it will face a very embarrassing problem. This problem is mainly because the toilet itself lacks the function of supercharging, and the pressure of tap water is used to achieve the effect of supercharging. If Your floor is not high, and the pressure of tap water is sufficient. Of course, you do not have this trouble, but if you live in a high floor or an old residential area, the problems of low water pressure, insufficient momentum or zero water pressure will seriously affect your life. , causing trouble in your life. In fact, the root cause of all these problems is caused by insufficient water pressure.


smart toilet water pump

How to solve this problem? In fact, it is also very simple. These problems can be solved by installing water pumps on smart toilets.However, some people will say, what if the water pressure in the upper floors is zero? This depends on the performance of the water pump used inside your smart toilet. The Shenpeng smart toilet water pump adopts Zero Hydraulic 0 water pressure starting technology, which can easily handle even zero water pressure, providing stable power and strong impulse for flushing. Therefore, in the face of high floors with zero water pressure, the smart toilet with the smart toilet water pump produced by Shenpeng can easily solve the flushing problem.


At present, there are many water pump manufacturers on the market, and the product quality and quality are also uneven. Once the water pump installed by the smart toilet manufacturer is relatively poor, it will not only be greatly discounted in the minds of consumers, but also have a huge impact on the brand of the smart toilet. Therefore, smart toilet manufacturers must prevent this from happening. After all, consumers are the parents of food and clothing.


How can smart toilet manufacturers choose high-quality smart toilet water pumps?


First of all, choose a manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry, such as Shenpeng Electronics, which has 18 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of brushless DC pumps, and has a high reputation in the industry.


Secondly, it is necessary to carry out installation tests on the products of pump manufacturers, so as to maximize the performance of smart toilets. Shenpeng Electronics can assist smart toilet manufacturers to conduct a number of tests until they fully meet the requirements.


Again, it is best to choose a pump manufacturer with a factory, not a middleman or a trader, because once there is a technical problem, the middleman or the trader cannot solve it.

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