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New energy vehicle electric water pump working principle


New energy vehicle electric water pump is a key component of the vehicle cooling system, usually 12v or 24v electric coolant pump, such as Shenpeng P50, P60, P80, P90 automotive circulating DC pump series. The main operating principle of the automotive electric water pump is: the brushless motor drives the impeller to rotate, so that the liquid pressure rises, and the water, coolant and other liquids are driven to circulate, so as to realize the heat dissipation of the coolant.

The Prospects of Automotive Electric Water Pumps

New energy vehicles are the main direction of green development and low-carbon transformation of the global automobile industry, with huge development potential. As the core component of the new energy vehicle cooling system, the automobile water pump also has great development prospects.

electronic water pump

Because the performance and quality of the electric circulation pump of the car have a great influence on the performance of the car. General car manufacturers will choose a car electric circulation pump that is easy to use, stable in performance, low in energy consumption and high in efficiency

Automotive electric water pump application

Mainly used in vehicle preheating system, automotive engine cooling cycle, hydrogen fuel cell thermal management system, new energy vehicle drive system, electric vehicle battery cooling system, as well as automobiles, motorcycles, new energy vehicles, hybrid buses, RVs, racing cars, Cooling systems for street cars, etc.

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