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What is car brushless water pump?


Compared with ordinary water pumps, car brushless water pumps have higher requirements on structure and performance; the working environment of car brushless water pumps is relatively poor, and it must be able to prevent vibration, moisture, and heat, especially for the stability of brushless water pumps for new energy electric vehicles. In addition to higher reliability requirements, the environmental protection and energy saving of the filter water pump must also be considered; the magnet and the impeller of the DC brushless pump are injection molded into one to form the magnetic rotor of the motor, and there is a direct injection molded shaft sleeve in the middle of the rotor. The wear-resistant graphite is fixed in the rotor body, so there is no need for traditional mechanical shaft seals, and no shaft oil is required, so it is completely sealed and leak-proof.


car brushless water pump

The driving force for the rotation of the impeller of the car brushless water pump is the DC brushless motor. The DC brushless motor is the power core of the DC brushless water pump. The DC brushless water pump is powered by the DC brushless motor, so as to realize the conversion of mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The car brushless water pump is an important part of the engine cooling system. Its function is to pump the coolant to make the coolant flow rapidly in the cooling water channel of the engine, so as to take away the heat generated when the engine is working and maintain the normal working temperature of the engine.


The impeller is the core of the work of the car brushless water pump. The movement of the impeller itself is very simple, and it just rotates with the magnetic rotor. However, due to the action of the blades, the movement of the liquid in the impeller is very complicated; on the one hand, it is involved in the movement with the rotation of the impeller, and on the other hand, it is continuously thrown out of the rotating impeller under the driving of the blade, that is, the movement relative to the impeller. Therefore, the outer diameter of the impeller, the height and angle of the impeller blades, and the gap between the impeller and the water pump shell directly affect the performance of the water pump. The brushless water pump is the main component of the forced circulation of the vehicle cooling system.


The stator and rotor of the car brushless water pump are completely isolated, which completely avoids the liquid leakage problem of the traditional motor-type DC brushless water pump. Moreover, it can be fully submersible and completely waterproof, which effectively improves the service life and performance of the pump. Therefore, the DC brushless water pump does not need water pump bearings, nor does it need to be lubricated with grease, and there are no gaskets and oil seals, which reduces mechanical wear and tear. Reduced power consumption and increased working life.

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