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How choose dishwasher water pump?


The dishwasher water pump consists of a motor drive. The water pump pushes the water into the nozzle under water pressure. In the drainpipe mode, the pump pulls water to the drainpipe. This motor-pump accessory is installed just below the basin, the central part of the sink dishwasher's management. There are two key types of dishwasher pumps:

Reversible type dishwasher water pump: This kind of pump decides to spray the pressure according to changing the position of the motor, which is generally installed vertically.

Dishwasher water Pump

Immediate drive type dishwasher water pump: The motor only runs in one direction, so the conversion of the flow direction from the nozzle to the drain is operated by a relay, which can open and close the opposite gate valve, or change the pipeline channel. Irreversible pumps are usually installed at one level. Its characteristics: small starting current (the current at the moment of starting is about 1.1-1.3 times the rated operating current), high efficiency (the motor efficiency is about 79%, and the high efficiency of the pump motor is about 20%);

How to choose dishwasher water pump

1. First, clarify the working frequency, current, pump head and total flow, and specifications.

2. Specify the volume and appearance design regulations (whether the interface standard is external thread or ground non-slip socket, the orientation of the water inlet and outlet, specifications and dimensions, etc.)

3. Clear office environment (temperature, substance)

4. Clarify the role regulations (time control, posture control, working pressure control, flow monitoring, speed change, etc.)

How to operation method dishwasher water pump:

1. When used for deep diving, cover the water outlet to the drain and lead it out. When used on land, the water inlet pipe and the drain outlet must be covered with tap water pipes, and the pump motor should be installed at the bottom end of the water storage tank, and the leaking part should be opened at the bottom end of the water storage tank.

2. The bright red wire is connected to +, and the gray-black wire is connected to -.

3. Check whether the working voltage of the power supply system is consistent with the regulations.

4. Reliably fix the pump motor.

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