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Water heater pumps save costs for water heaters


Water heater water pump refers to the action on the water heater, which increases the pressure of water in the pipeline and increases the water pressure during bathing, making bathing a pleasure. The water heater water pump generally adopts a brushless motor, which has the advantages of small size, long service life, low power consumption, and maintenance free.

According to statistics from an authoritative media platform, the retail sales of electric water heaters will be 20.67 million units, with a total sales of 25.4 billion yuan. The total retail sales of gas water heaters was 13.04 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 1.2%, and a total retail sales of 27.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.7%. From the data point of view, the total retail sales of water heaters and total retail sales declined significantly, and the retail sales of gas water heaters decreased slightly.

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In the face of a weak market, crazy price wars from competitors, and the impact of the epidemic, how should a water heater manufacturer protect its market share or increase its market share in the fierce market competition? It's a matter of life and death.


No matter what strategy is adopted, cost and price are worthy of the attention of manufacturers. When it comes to cost and quality, we have to mention the water pump, the core accessory of the water heater. The role of the water pump in the water heater is self-evident. For consumers, The installation of a water heater is not only for the convenience of bathing, but also to enjoy the happiness brought by bathing. It can bring bathing enjoyment to consumers. The role of the water pump is indispensable. The comfortable water temperature and the comfortable water impact can make the body of a busy and tired day. Get total relaxation, and half of the credit is brought by the little water pump.


Most of the water heater booster circulating pumps produced by Shenpeng Electronics have a waterproof rating of IP68, which meets the requirements of diving, and can work normally even if immersed in water. For water heater manufacturers, we provide much lower prices than their peers, and easily cope with the risk of lower water heater prices in the market. The water heater booster circulating pump produced by Shenpeng has a pulse pressure of 12Kg, 100,000 times, and a burst pressure of 3.5Mpa, which can easily deal with the problem of water pump pressure. The water heater booster circulating pump produced by Shenpeng, the ambient temperature: -25 ℃ to 70 ℃, the medium temperature: 0 to 100 ℃, if a special temperature is required, we can also change the pump material to meet the temperature requirements. The maximum noise of the water heater pump produced by Shenpeng is ≤40dB(A), which is equivalent to the whisper of a person or the hum of a refrigerator, which has no impact on the daily life of consumers. For manufacturers who customize water heaters, Shenpeng provides the following customizations: Voltage range: DC3V-DC310V, power range: 3W-500W, lift range: 0.5m-36m, flow range: 2L-250L/min, water pump temperature resistance: -40-130℃ (environment), water pump pressure: 35KG.


In the face of fierce market competition, the water heater pumps produced by Shenpeng Electronics are willing to escort the quality and price of major manufacturers, and also welcome major manufacturers of water heaters to visit our company and communicate with us to discuss the development trend of the industry.

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