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What is brushless DC pump?


Brushless DC pump refers to a machine that uses DC 4.5V~24V to drive a brushless motor. The rotation of the brushless motor drives the rotation of the impeller, thereby increasing the pressure of the liquid to achieve the effect of transferring the liquid.

brushless DC pump

Brushless DC pumps have a wide range of applications, especially common supplies in daily life: tea sets, coffee machines, water heaters, drinking fountains, foot baths, dishwashers, irrigation system equipment, etc., in their liquid delivery control, all There are brushless DC pumps. Among them, special food-grade high-temperature resistant materials can be used for the outer shell of coffee pots, dishwashers, water dispensers, and water pumps. The water pump can work continuously and normally above 100 degrees, which can reach food-grade.

What are the advantages of brushless DC pumps?

1. The difference between brushless DC pump and brush DC water pump:

The traditional brushed water pump has carbon brushes, so there is a certain amount of noise, and the carbon brushes need to be replaced regularly. Compared with the motor-type water pump, the brushless DC pump has no carbon brushes, so the noise is less, there is no need to replace the carbon brushes, and therefore the service life Shorter, low price, and the brushless DC pump has more power and higher head than the motor type water pump with the same volume.

2. The difference between brushless DC pump and motor-type water pump:

A motor-type water pump is a motor plus a pump body, which can be understood as a split structure. And the brushless DC pump is a whole structure, the driver is inside the water pump, and the sealing is good.

Tips for selecting brushless DC pumps:

1. Medium: The medium of the water pump must be considered. For example, there are chemical pumps that require corrosion resistance, such as clean water pumps, high-temperature pumps, etc., first determine the nature of the medium.

2. Choose the nature of the pump. For example, a centrifugal pump does not have a suction stroke, while a diaphragm pump has a suction stroke.

3. Select the appropriate head flow rate. Generally, water pumps have such parameters marked

4. Choose the correct voltage and pay attention to the positive and negative poles. It is strictly forbidden to connect the positive and negative poles of the DC water pump in reverse, and the voltage application range is relatively small.

5. Choose the appropriate shape and diameter of the water inlet and outlet.

Brushless DC pump recommendation:

The brushless DC pump produced by Shenpeng Electronics is not only large in flow, cost-effective, ultra-power-saving, it saves more than 50% of electricity than ordinary DC water pumps, and it is ultra-quiet, which is especially suitable for families who like to be quiet. Pure copper motor, no carbon brush, no pollution, electronic commutation, low heat generation, high efficiency and long life. The shell is made of high-quality plastic, anti-corrosion, impact resistance, durability, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. The stator and circuit board of the motor are potted with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, which solves the leakage problem caused by the long-term diving of the water pump and is completely waterproof.

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