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The working principle of automobile electronic pump


miniature water pump

The circular motion of the motor makes the diaphragm inside the automobile electronic pump reciprocate through the mechanical device, thereby compressing and stretching the air in the pump cavity (fixed volume). Under the action of the one-way valve, a positive pressure ( The actual output pressure is related to the boost of the pump drain port and the characteristics of the pump); a vacuum is formed at the pumping port, which creates a pressure difference with the outside atmospheric pressure. Under the action of the pressure difference, the water is pressed into the water inlet and then discharged from the drain. Under the action of the kinetic energy transmitted by the motor, the water is continuously sucked and discharged to form a relatively stable flow.

Automotive electronic pumps generally have a self-priming function. Self-priming means: when the suction pipe of the water pump is filled with air, the negative pressure (vacuum) formed when the pump is working will be lower than the water at the suction port under the action of atmospheric pressure. Press it up and discharge it from the drain end of the water pump. There is no need to add "diversion (water for guiding)" before this process. A miniature water pump with this self-priming capability is called a "micro self-priming pump". The principle is similar to that of a micro air pump.

It combines the advantages of self-priming pumps and chemical pumps. It is synthesized with a variety of corrosion-resistant imported materials, and has the properties of acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance; the self-priming speed is extremely fast (about 1 second), the suction force is strong, and the suction The distance is up to 5 meters, and there is basically no noise. Exquisite workmanship, not only has the self-priming function, but also has a large flow rate (up to 25 liters/minute), high pressure (up to 2.7 kg), stable performance and easy installation. Therefore, this high-flow water pump is commonly used in new energy vehicles.

Although some miniature water pumps also have self-priming capability, the maximum self-priming height of automotive electronic pumps actually refers to the height of water that can be lifted "after water diversion is added", which is different from the true "self-priming". For example, the standard self-priming suction range is 2 meters, which is actually only 0.5 meters; while the miniature self-priming pump BSP-S is different. Its self-priming height is 5 meters. Without water diversion, it can be lower than the pumping end of 5 meters. The water is pumped up. It is "self-priming" in the true sense, and the flow rate is much larger than that of ordinary micro water pumps, so it is also called "large flow self-priming pump"

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