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Cleaning process of food grade water pump


Food grade water pump adopts a high-efficiency and energy-saving hydraulic model, which has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long life, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.; Food grade water pump is achieved by changing the pump material, sealing form and increasing cooling The system can transport hot water, oil, corrosive and abrasive media, etc.

Food grade water pump D-type pump is used to transport clear water without solid particles and temperature not higher than 80℃ or liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water. It is suitable for use in mines and urban water supply and drainage projects.

food grade water pump

Food grade water pump DG type pump is used for conveying clear water without solid particles and temperature not higher than 105℃ or liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water. Dongguan food grade water pump is used for boiler feed water or conveying hot water or similar hot water medium.

Food grade water pump MD pump is used to transport neutral mineral water (particle size less than 0.5 mm) and other similar sewage with a solid particle content of not more than 1.5%, and the temperature of the conveyed medium is not higher than 80℃. It is suitable for steel plant, mine drainage, and sewage transportation. Wait for the occasion.

Food grade water pump DF type pump is used for conveying temperature of -20℃~105℃, without solid particles, corrosive liquid.

Food grade water pump DY type pump is used to transport oil and petroleum products that do not contain solid particles, the temperature is -20℃~150℃, and the viscosity is less than 120 centistokes.

The allowable inlet pressure of the above Food grade water pumps does not exceed 0.6MPa.

Food grade water pump cleaning project

1. Scrape off the scale and rust accumulated on the inner and outer surfaces of the impeller, the seal ring and the bearing, etc., and then clean and blow it off with water or compressed air.

2. Clean the grease and rust accumulated on the joint surfaces of the shell.

3. Clean the water seal pipe of Dongguan food grade water pump and check whether the pipe is unblocked.

4. Clean the bushes and bearings to remove grease stains, and then clean the oil ring and oil level gauge. The ball bearings should be cleaned with gasoline.

5. All parts and components not to be assembled temporarily should be protected with oil after cleaning.

Food grade water pump cleaning principle

1. Food grade water pump ensure that the requirements for the cleanliness of the parts are met. In the repair, various parts have different requirements for cleanliness. In assembly, the cleaning requirements of mating parts are higher than those of non-matching parts, moving parts are higher than static mating parts, and precision mating parts are higher than non-precision mating parts. For the surface of sprayed, plated, and bonded workpieces, the cleaning requirements are very high. When cleaning, different cleaning agents and cleaning methods must be adopted according to different requirements to ensure the required cleaning quality.

2. Food grade water pump prevent corrosion of parts, and no corrosion of precision parts is allowed. When the parts need to be parked for a period of time after cleaning, the anti-rust ability of the cleaning fluid or other anti-rust measures should be considered.

3,Food grade water pump to ensure the safety of operation, to prevent fire or poisoning the human body and causing pollution to the environment.

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