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Comparison of GW4N20 2.0T and EA888 third-generation 2.0T cooling systems


The third-generation Haval H6 2.0T model was launched on the market, which gave me a pleasant surprise. The new engine, 2.0GDIT engine, has a torque of 325N·m and a thermal efficiency of 38%. This engine, code-named GW4N20, integrates many new technologies of Great Wall in traditional engines.


In order to capture its advantages, we compare the technology with the third generation 2.0T of EA888. In 2012 and 2016, Volkswagen released the EA888 third-generation high-power GEN3 and low-power GEN3B with further upgraded technology. This is the EA888 2.0T currently on the market, which is the protagonist of our comparison today.


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The third generation of Volkswagen EA888 uses a combination of belt-driven mechanical water pump and cooling module. You can refer to the figure below. It can be seen that the water pump is driven by a belt through the rear end of the intake side balance shaft installed on the cylinder. The rotary ball valve type electronically controlled cooling module based on MAP control can control the water flow of the cylinder block, cylinder head, oil cooler, warm air, etc. according to the working conditions to realize intelligent cooling system management.



The GW4N20 uses a more advanced electronic water pump plus electronic thermostat. Compared with mechanical water pumps, electronic water pumps have the feature of not directly consuming the power of the engine, so as to help reduce fuel consumption, and the flow and opening of the electronic water pump can be flexibly controlled by ECU to achieve more intelligent thermal management. This is the future development direction. It is also a mainstream technology trend.


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