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What is DC submersible pump?


DC submersible pump is a relatively common submersible pump. It does not require strong current, high-voltage power supply, or even AC power to drive it. It is a DC submersible pump, so we will see that many cars have a small water pump in the trunk. In fact, the role of a small water pump is to use when the driver wants to wash the car in the wild, where there are no people, or to add water to the car. . There are also some garden irrigation when the power source is far away, we can use this DC submersible pump for garden irrigation. Many people do not understand this type of clean water pump. Now I will introduce the main advantages of this type of submersible pump.

The first point: the motor structure of the DC submersible pump. All stainless steel main bearings and rotors and all-copper coils are used, so that the motor is relatively quiet when it is rotating.

DC submersible pump

The second point: the use of rotary counter-current two-way swirling technology, and the drainage is relatively stable and can greatly improve the efficiency, so that the lift of the water pump is increased, thereby meeting the demand for water supply at elevations.

The third point: that is the safety performance of the water pump. Because the DC voltage is used, the DC voltage will be relatively low, so it will not burn the motor, and it uses a more advanced high-speed motor, which can be used to a large extent To meet water supply needs.

The fourth point is that the water inlet mesh cover can effectively filter the impurities in the water, thereby ensuring the service life of the pump and improving the quality of the inlet water.

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