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The knowledge points of the 12v micro water pump are all here, everyone quickly take notes


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1. Definition of 12v micro water pump:

 - The 12v micro water pump refers to a micro water pump powered by 12V DC. It is equipped with a water inlet and a water outlet, and can continuously form a vacuum or negative pressure at the inlet, and a larger output pressure can be formed at the outlet of the water outlet. The working medium is mostly clean water or liquid, and the volume is very small.

2. Features of 12v miniature water pump:

 - The 12v micro water pump generally refers to a 12V DC power supply. It can be used for voltage transformation with a switching DC stabilized power supply, or it can be connected to a car battery, which is very convenient to use. Compared with AC water pumps, it has a wider range of use and is safer.

3. Scope of application of 12v miniature water pump

 - Automation equipment, water circulation, water cooling and other electrical appliances, water dispensers, bathroom products, paper shredders, soilless cultivation, plumbing mattresses, air conditioning pumping, fish tanks, desktop crafts, foot baths, plumbing mattresses, water heaters, computer water cooling, water cooling fans, Medical equipment, pharmaceutical systems, chemicals, circulation systems, cooling and heat dissipation systems, refrigeration systems, solar fountains, small irrigation systems, water treatment systems, small water supply systems, automobile circulation systems, machine tools, household appliances, kitchen appliances, hot water circulation systems, etc.

4. The superiority of 12v miniature water pump

 - First: Compared with AC electric water pumps, DC miniature water pumps are safer, more compact and portable.

 - Second: Unlike large pumps (such as partial impeller, centrifugal, etc.) that must be filled with water before each use, micro pumps have an important function: "self-priming", which means that before each pumping, In addition, in the case of water diversion, the suction pump can automatically suck up the water, especially in some cases where it is corrosive or it is inconvenient to add water by hand, the self-priming function is very convenient, and it is more and more popular with users. Especially the micro water pump with high suction lift

5. The purpose of 12v micro water pump

The 12v miniature water pump is mainly used in water treatment, environmental protection, medical beauty equipment, industrial control, scientific research laboratories, etc. It needs to meet the needs of small size, low noise, low power consumption, etc., and can be widely used in water circulation, cooling, lifting, transfer, etc. Uses for pressurization, spraying, spraying, water circulation, conveying, etc.

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