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Application of micro water pump


Micro water pump compared to large pumps, micro water pumps are 12v DC pumps, 24v DC pumps, 36v DC pumps, 48v DC pumps, etc. Micro water pumps are similar to other pumps. They are usually used to lift liquids, transport liquids or increase liquid pressure, that is, convert mechanical energy into liquid energy to achieve the purpose of pumping liquids, and are collectively called micro water pumps with very small size.


The application scope of Shenpeng electronic micro water pump is as follows:

1. Automobile industry: The engine can be cold-started below minus 40 degrees in winter, and it has functions such as water circulation for electric vehicles and electric motorcycles.


micro water pump

2. Solar photovoltaic products: Solar water pumps use solar panels to directly drive water pumps. Solar water pumps have the following three functions:

 - Energy saving, 35% energy saving than ordinary DC brushless water pump

 - Soft start function, can start normally within 1W of power

 - The overvoltage maintenance function can be easily set.


3. Food industry: Mainly used in dishwashers, coffee pots, water dispensers, and water boilers. Most of the water pump shells can be made of food-grade high-temperature materials, which can work normally above 100 degrees and reach food-grade.

4. Household products: aquariums, landscape gardens, foot baths, bathing, plumbing mattresses, computer water cooling systems, etc.; micro water pumps have the characteristics of low noise, long life, and good boosting effect, which can meet the above requirements.


5. Mechanical equipment and chemical products: machine tool equipment water circulation heat dissipation, chiller circulation heat dissipation, sewage purification treatment and other industries.

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