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What is smart toilet booster pump?


Smart toilet booster pump is a DC brushless water pump specially used on smart toilets. It refers to the use of DC 4.5V~24V to drive the brushless motor to run. The rotation of the brushless motor drives the rotation of the impeller, thereby increasing the liquid pressure and A device capable of transferring liquid.

smart toilet booster pump

How does the smart toilet booster pump work in a smart toilet without a water tank?

The toilet without a water tank is a new type of water-saving toilet that does not have a water tank and is directly flushed with city tap water. In many places, because the pipeline pressure of the tap water itself is insufficient, it cannot meet the flushing requirements. Therefore, the intelligent toilet without water tank must be equipped with a booster pump to increase the flushing pressure and achieve the flushing effect.

A high-performance intelligent toilet water pump must have a long service life, energy conservation and environmental protection, large flow, high lift, and low noise. Zhonglong Intelligent Toilet Booster Pump has the following characteristics:

1. Fast startup takes only 0.1s, greatly improving startup time compared to other products in the same industry. Instant large flow cleaning of the intelligent toilet can be realized. Cleaning effect: clean, water saving, environmental protection and energy saving.

2. Compared to products in the same industry, the volume is also smaller, reducing by nearly half compared to products in the same industry, saving more space for customers, facilitating toilet manufacturers to add more functions, and serving users.

3. With a low power consumption of 50w and a rated voltage of only 12v, it meets the requirements of most toilet manufacturers, truly achieving the title of king of cost performance.

In the field of micro water pumps, especially in the field of smart toilet booster pumps, Shenpeng Electronics has invested a lot of research and development costs and can provide various customized services. The smart toilet booster pump produced is suitable for the functions required by most smart toilet manufacturers in the market. "Building a brand for customers" is Shenpeng's values.

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