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How to choose dishwasher micro water pump?


Dishwasher water pump refers to the water pump installed on the dishwasher. Dishwasher water pump is generally divided into DC dishwasher water pump and AC dishwasher water pump. AC dishwasher water pump has always been a safety hazard, and once leakage occurs, it poses a danger to users. However, DC dishwasher water pump uses a voltage of 12v or 24v, which is completely harmless to the human body, namely, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Dishwasher Water Pump

How to choose dishwasher micro water pumps?

1. Choose a DC low-voltage miniature water pump, which is generally not higher than 24V, and its safety is guaranteed. Even if the leakage of electricity does not cause harm to personal safety, there is no safety hazard in such a dishwasher.

2. Choose a high-lift micro-pump. With a high-lift pump, the sprayed water pressure will be large, and the dishwasher can only rinse the dishes in place when they are cleaned.

3. Choose a micro water pump with a large flow rate. The large flow rate means a large amount of water from the dishwasher. The dishwasher can wash a lot of dishes and chopsticks at a time and is clean.

4. Choose a miniature water pump with a lower power. The lower the power, the lower the power consumption and the more energy-saving the dishwasher;

5. Choose a silent miniature water pump with low noise and will not affect the user experience.

6. Choose a micro water pump that operates at constant power, no matter how the voltage changes, it can ensure that the micro water pump can run at full capacity, so that the performance of the dishwasher is stable. To

What are the characteristics of Shenpeng Micro Dishwasher Water Pump?

Shenpeng dishwasher water pump adopts brushless motor, small size, large flow, long life, low power consumption, low noise, which can meet the needs of all dishwasher manufacturers on the market, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

The new smart home experience brought by technology, with the support of artificial intelligence technology, the popularity of dishwashers is believed to bring convenience to people, and make life in the kitchen free of trouble and fun.

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