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Application of miniature water pump in massage bathtub


After a hard day of hard work, the body is very exhausted. If you can get a SPA massage, it will be very comfortable, and the jacuzzi has become one of the important props to relax the body and mind and show your own taste. It stimulates various parts of the human body through multiple nozzles distributed in the cylinder, and can massage muscles, accelerate blood circulation, relieve pain and activate joints.


Where does the strong water flow of such a comfortable jacuzzi come from? Next, I will talk to you about the function and principle of the massage bathtub pump.

The hydrodynamic force of the massage bathtub is mainly provided by the water pump, which sucks the water in the bathtub into the circulation pipe, and then sprays it out through the massage nozzle set on the bathtub, so as to achieve the purpose of surfing in the bathtub to eliminate human fatigue.

The massage bathtub water pumps produced by Shenpeng Electronics generally use 12v and 24v human body safety voltage, even if the leakage of electricity does not harm the human body at all, the IP68 waterproof grade is higher than the ordinary IP67 grade. All water pumps have undergone strict tests to ensure that they have a service life of more than 20,000 hours. Food-grade standards make the water cleaner and will not be polluted again.

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