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What is manual diaphragm pump


The manual diaphragm pump is used for low-lift, small-flow water lifting operations, and consists of a pump body, water inlet and outlet pipes, water inlet and outlet valves, diaphragms, and push-pull rods. The pump body can be composed of one or two pump chambers. For a diaphragm pump with two pump cavities, the diaphragm is arranged in the center of the pump body, or the two diaphragms are respectively installed on the outside of two separated pump cavities. When working, two people manually manipulate the push-pull rod connected with the diaphragm to push the diaphragm to press in and open to reciprocate, so that the volumes of the two pump chambers are alternately expanded and reduced. When the pump cavity expands, the pressure decreases, the inlet valve opens and the outlet valve closes, and water flows into the pump cavity from the inlet pipe; when the pump cavity shrinks, the pressure increases, the inlet valve closes, and the outlet valve opens, and the water in the pump cavity From the drain pipe, the two pump cavities alternately absorb and drain water, which can pump 10 to 20 tons of water per hour.

manual diaphragm pump

Features of stainless steel manual diaphragm pump

The manual diaphragm pump can not only pump flowing liquid, but also transport some difficult-to-flow media. It has many advantages of self-priming pumps, canned pumps, mud pumps and impurity pumps.

1. No need to use electricity, it is safe and reliable to use in flammable and explosive places;

2. The flow is spacious and the passing performance is good, allowing large particles up to 10mm in diameter. When pumping mud and impurities, there is little wear on the pump;

3. The head and flow can be adjusted steplessly through the hand crank speed;

4. The manual diaphragm pump has no rotating parts and no shaft seal. The diaphragm completely separates the pumped medium from the moving parts of the pump and the workpiece medium, and the conveyed medium will not leak out. Therefore, when pumping toxic, easy to play or corrosive media, it will not cause environmental pollution and endanger personal safety;

5. No need to irrigate and divert water, suction range 2m, head 30m, outlet pressure ≥3kgf/cm2;

6. Easy to use, reliable in work, only need to simply shake and stop shaking the handwheel when starting and stopping, even if there is no medium running for a long time or suddenly shut down due to accidental idle condition, the pump will not damage the ring.

7. The structure is simple and there are few wearing parts. The pump has a simple structure, is easy to install and convenient. The medium delivered by the pump will not touch the moving parts such as the linkage, unlike other types of pumps because of the single parts such as rotors, pistons, gears, and vanes. Loss and performance gradually declines;

Fourth the use of stainless steel manual diaphragm pump

1. Manual diaphragm pump sucks peanut butter, kimchi, mashed potatoes, red sausage, jam, apple sauce, chocolate, etc.

2. Manual paint pump sucks paint, gum and pigment.

3. Pump adhesive and glue, all types can be pumped.

4. All kinds of tiles, porcelain, bricks and pottery glaze slurry.

5. After drilling the oil well with the pneumatic thick slurry pump, pump the sediment and grouting.

6. Manual paint pump sucks various emulsions and fillers.

7. Pump all kinds of sewage.

8. The pump is used as an oil tanker, and the barge clears the warehouse to absorb the sewage in the warehouse.

9. Abrasives, corrosives, oil and mud, cleaning grease and general containers.

10. Pump water in mines, tunnels, tunnels, beneficiation and slag. Pump cement grouting and mortar.

Automatic diaphragm pump

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