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What is jet deep well pump?


Jet deep well pumps are usually composed of jet pumps and centrifugal pumps with corresponding casings. It is used to lift water from deep wells within 30 meters. The working principle of the jet pump is to spray the pressure through the nozzle to the entrance of the throat. Due to the lateral turbulent diffusion of the jet, the air in the suction pipe is taken away to form a vacuum in the pipe. The well water is sucked in and the jet water is in the throat. Mix and exchange energy. At the exit of the throat, the flow velocity of the two approaches the same, and then most of the kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy through the diffuser, so that the water pressure is further increased, and finally discharged from the drain pipe.

jet deep well pump

There are two combined types of Jet deep well pumps:

Connect the jet pump in parallel with the centrifugal pump. The centrifugal pump sends the pressure water to the incident flow pump through the pipeline. The jet pump lifts this part of the water together with the absorbed water, thereby converting the small flow of high pressure water into large flow of low pressure water. Mainly used for surface irrigation and channel dredging etc.

Connect the jet pump and the centrifugal pump in series and parallel, so that the jet pump pressurizes the centrifugal pump to increase its suction, and part of the water output of the centrifugal pump is provided to the jet pump, and the rest is sent to the pressure pool or pressure pipeline. Its outlet pressure is relatively high and it is mainly used for sprinkler irrigation equipment and water supply for agriculture and animal husbandry. Compared with submersible electric pumps and long-axis deep-well pumps, jet-type deep-well pumps have the characteristics of simple structure, reliable work, convenient manufacturing, and low cost; but they have lower efficiency and higher power consumption under the same working conditions.

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