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What is long shaft deep well pump?


deep well pump

The long shaft deep well pump is mostly a vertical single-suction multi-stage centrifugal pump. Its impeller is installed below the moving water level in the well. The flow channel between the impellers is lifted up to the ground through the water pipe. When the head is high, a multi-stage centrifugal pump with multiple impellers in series can be used. Due to the high requirements for manufacturing and installation accuracy of the transmission long shaft, the efficiency decreases significantly with the increase of the well depth, so it is generally only used for deep wells not exceeding 100 meters.

Flow rate: less than or equal to 2400 cubic meters

Head: less than or equal to 250 meters

It is used to extract normal temperature non-corrosive clean water from water wells, and is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply and drainage, groundwater pumping, and farmland irrigation. Replacing relevant materials and adjusting the structure can be suitable for conveying sewage with a large solid particle content in power plants, steel plants, and chemical plants.

deep well pump

The product features of long-shaft deep well pump mainly include the following points:

1. Advanced hydraulic model and structural design are selected, Ashland process is adopted for core making, and epoxy coating is applied at the blade runner with a variety of new processes, the product has excellent performance and long service life.

2. The pump efficiency is high, 2-8% higher than that of the domestic counterparts, the efficiency curve is flat, the efficient area is wide, the working range is increased by 10-20%, and the energy-saving effect is significant.

3. The sand throwing device and labyrinth structure prevent sand particles from entering the bearing.

4. The impeller shaft and motor shaft are supported by copper bearings. The radial runout of the shaft is controlled within 0.13mm of the American standard. The pump runs smoothly and has low noise.

5. The pump seat has beautiful shape, large window, convenient for maintenance and replacement of packing.

6. The special structural design of oil-lubricated closed transmission system can be adopted, and nodular cast iron or 2Cr13, 304, 316, 316L, 416 stainless steel materials can be selected to meet various special operating conditions and technical requirements of customers.

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