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What is tubular pump?


tubular pump

Tubular pump, also known as tubing pump, is divided into double-valve and three-valve tubular pump according to the number of valves. It is composed of working cylinder, piston, traveling valve, fixed valve, etc.

(1) Working cylinder: including outer tube, bushing and compression coupling. The function of the compression coupling is to tightly press the multi-section bushing into the outer tube, and the piston moves up and down in the bushing. The pump is often jammed due to the disordered bushing, so now the working cylinder basically has no bushing.

tubular pump

(2) Piston: It is made of seamless steel pipe and is a t2 cylinder with threads at both ends to connect other parts. The outer surface of the piston is chrome-plated and equipped with annular sand prevention and oil storage tank.

(3) Traveling valve: also called discharge valve, which is composed of valve ball, valve seat and valve cover. Single-valve tubular pump has a traveling valve, which is installed on the upper end of the piston. The double-valve pump has two traveling valves, which are installed at the upper and lower ends of the piston respectively.

(4) Fixed valve: also called suction valve, composed of valve seat, valve ball and valve cover.

Features of tubular pump

(1) Assemble the outer barrel, bushing and suction valve on the ground and connect them to the lower part of the oil pipe, and then run the piston assembly into the pump barrel through the oil pipe.

(2) The structure is simple, the cost is low, and the pump diameter allowed to run under the same oil pipe diameter is larger than the rod pump, so the displacement is large.

(3) Because the tubular pump is connected at the lower end of the tubing, the tubing string needs to be pulled out for pump inspection or pump replacement, and the workover operation workload is large, so it is suitable for wells with low pump depth and high production.

Advantages and disadvantages of tubular pump

(1) Advantages of tubular pump

① The pump diameter is large and the displacement is large. It is applicable to oil wells with high production, shallow oil wells, high sand content and small gas volume.

② Simple structure, convenient processing and low price.

③ The pump barrel has thick wall and large bearing capacity.

④ For oil wells with large liquid production, a tubular pump with a pump diameter larger than the inner diameter of the tubing can also be installed through the stripper to meet the requirements of liquid production.

(2) Disadvantages of tubular pump

① Not applicable to deep wells.

② Since the working barrel of the tubular pump is connected to the lower end of the oil pipe, it is necessary to pull out the oil pipe when inspecting and changing the pump.

③ It is not applicable to oil wells with large gas volume.

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