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Features of brushless DC pump


1. The brushless DC water pump has good external characteristics and can output large torque at low speeds, so that it can provide large starting torque;

2. The brushless DC water pump has a wide speed range, and can run at full power at any speed;

3. The brushless DC pump has high efficiency and strong overload capacity, which makes it have excellent performance in the driving system;

4. The regenerative braking effect of the brushless DC water pump is good. Because its rotor is made of permanent magnet material, the motor can enter the generator state when braking;

5. The brushless DC water pump is small in size and high in power density;

6. The brushless DC water pump has no mechanical commutator and adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can prevent dust from entering the motor and has high reliability;

7. The drive control of the brushless DC pump is simpler than that of the asynchronous motor.

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