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Brushless DC water pump


The brushless DC pump is a type of permanent magnet synchronous motor, not a real DC motor. Different from the brushed DC motor, the brushless DC water pump does not use a mechanical brush device. It uses a square wave self-control permanent magnet synchronous motor, uses a Hall sensor to replace the carbon brush commutator, and uses neodymium iron boron as the permanent magnet material of the rotor. , Compared with the general traditional DC motor, it has great advantages in performance. It is the most ideal energy-saving brushless DC pump today.

About Shenpeng:

Shenpeng, top1 supplier of BLDC mini pumps in China, has been specializing in the design & manufacture of DC pumps for 15 years. There are 300,000 class dust-free workshops with 3 fully automatic production lines and 5 SMT lines. Annual output is about 3 million pcs pumps. Adopt "Six Sigma", pursue product "zero defect".

Shenpeng has passed IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 and TUV. All products have passed CE, ROHS and REACH. Parts of pumps meet FDA, UL and EMC. Achieved more than 30 patents.

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