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Application of medical device pump in medical device


Medical device pumps refer to water pumps used for medical medical devices, and most of the devices are in the form of circulating water pumps. This article focuses on how the water pump in the foot bath commonly used in home health care equipment works.

Foot baths have more and more functions: surf massage promotes blood circulation; vibration massage makes your feet and calves relieve soreness, fatigue, etc. All these functions are inseparable from the core power provided by the water pump, so the quality of the water pump directly affects Customers' brand value and brand image, more and more foot bath manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for pump performance, and pay more attention to the quality of pumps.

The working principle of the foot bath:

The glass tube in the footbath heats the circulating water, and continuously provides hot water to the user to achieve the goal of soaking the feet for the customer.

Features of Shenpeng medical device pump products:

Ambient temperature: -25 to 70°C

Medium temperature: 0 to 70℃

Medium: clear water

Weight: 0.04KG

Protection level: IP55

Insulation class: Class E

Service life: 15000H

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