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Application of micro water pump in household dishwasher


The importance of the dishwasher is self-evident, but if the performance of the dishwasher cannot keep up, it is also a headache. For example, the low spray pressure of the dishwasher and the small flow rate will affect the cleanliness of the tableware and chopsticks. Healthy, so the next editor will talk to you about the importance of micro-pumps in dishwasher applications.

How to choose a micro water pump for household dishwashers? 

1. Choose a DC low-voltage miniature water pump, which is generally not higher than 24V, and its safety is guaranteed. Even if there is a leakage, it will not cause harm to personal safety, so such a dishwasher has no safety hazards.

2. Choose a high-lift miniature water pump. With a high pump head, the sprayed water pressure will be large, and the dishwasher can only be rinsed in place when cleaning the dishes.

3. Choose a micro-pump with a large flow rate. A large flow rate means that the dishwasher has a large water output. The dishwasher has many dishes and chopsticks cleaned at once.

4. Choose a miniature water pump with a lower power. The lower the power, the lower the power consumption and the more energy-saving the dishwasher;

5. Choose a silent miniature water pump with low noise and will not affect the user experience.

6. Choose a micro water pump with constant power operation, no matter how the voltage changes, it can ensure that the micro water pump can run at full capacity and make the dishwasher performance stable.

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