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The difference between brushless DC water pump and brush water pump


brushless DC water pump

The difference between a brushless water pump and a brushed water pump is mainly the difference in structure, and therefore there will be differences in life, price, and use. The brushed water pump has carbon brushes, which will wear out during use, so the service life is short and the price is low. The brushless water pump has no carbon brush, relatively long life and high price.

In terms of driving mode, although both brushless water pumps and brushed water pumps are electric water pumps, the brushless DC water pumps are driven by brushless DC motors, and the brushed water pumps are driven by brushed motors. By default, it is a brushed DC water pump. Said tradition has a brush water pump. The two work principles are different.

brushless DC water pump

Compared with brush water pump, brushless DC water pump has the following advantages:

1. The pump shaft is changed from a dynamic seal to a closed static seal, completely avoiding medium leakage. It can be used for both water and land and is completely waterproof. The stator and rotor of the magnetic isolation type water pump are completely isolated, and the stator and circuit board are sealed with epoxy resin, which is highly waterproof.

2. Low power consumption, high efficiency, no need for independent lubrication and cooling water, reducing energy consumption.

3. Brushless DC water pump adopts electronic component commutation, without using carbon brush commutation. The rotor part is made of permanent magnet, and the water pump body is made of environment-friendly materials. High-performance wear-resistant precision steel shaft and shaft sleeve are adopted. The shaft sleeve is integrated with the rotor through injection molding to avoid wear, so the life of brushless DC magnetic pump is greatly enhanced.

4. It has the function of damping and reducing the impact of motor vibration on the pump and the impact of cavitation vibration on the motor.

5. The noise can be lower than 35dB.

6. The required parameters can be adjusted through the winding of the stator, which can operate with wide voltage.

7. During overload, the rotor will slip on the ceramic shaft, which will protect the motor and pump.

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