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Introduction of water heater circulation mode


water heater circulation

There are currently 5 ways of water heater circulation on the market:1.Pulse mode; 2.Manual mode; 3.Timing mode; 4.Temperature control mode; 5.Remote control mode

Which of the five circulation modes is the most practical?Among the five circulation modes of domestic hot water, which one is the most practical?

water heater circulation

I think the most practical is the pulse mode (also called water control, point control, etc., but the names are not uniform), that is, before use, turn on the hot water faucet for a few seconds and then turn it off, that is, give a signal to the circulating pump, and the circulating pump receives When the signal is received, start immediately, wait for 2-3 minutes (depending on the length of the return pipe) and turn on the hot water faucet to get hot water. After the hot water is used up, turn off the faucet, the water heater will stop working, and the circulating pump will not work again. Start, until the next start signal is given, relatively speaking, this is also the most energy-saving mode;

The second is the manual mode. You need to go to the gas water heater and press the start button of the circulating pump before using the hot water. After 2-3 minutes, the hot water will be available. However, the automatic restart time of the circulating pump is only maintained for a certain period of time (commonly 30 minutes and 45 minutes). During this period, as long as the water temperature is lower than the preset temperature, the circulating pump will automatically start, but after this During the period of time, the circulating pump will not start again, which is relatively energy-saving. If it is a flat-storey house, this function is still more practical, but if it is a duplex house, the bathroom and kitchen are not on the same floor, this function is really a bit tasteless.

The third is the timing mode, which is only suitable for families who use hot water regularly. But what is particularly frustrating is that even office workers still have Saturdays and Sundays. Whose time is so fixed? If you forget to turn off the circulating pump during a business trip, and there is no one in the house for a long time, the gas water heater will automatically start repeatedly as usual during the set time period.

The fourth is the temperature control mode, which is more suitable for commercial use and people at home all day long. This is the most tasteless mode. 24 hours a day, as long as the temperature is lower than the set value, the circulating pump will be frequently activated, and the exhaust gas will cost electricity. .

The fifth is the remote control mode. Strictly speaking, this is not a mode at all, but the manufacturer deliberately beautifies it during the promotion, saying that the remote control is installed near the water point, and you can control it as you like when using hot water. , But the reality is that the remote control mode cannot control the opening of the circulating pump, but can only adjust the temperature. However, if it is a gas water heater with zero cold water, constant temperature must be a prerequisite. Since it is a constant temperature, who will frequently go Make adjustments? In addition, there is also a mobile phone APP to control the cycle mode, which can be classified as the same type as the remote control mode, which is especially suitable for families with elderly and children.

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