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Factors affecting the price of mini BLDC water pump


Because of its high efficiency, low power consumption, long lifetime, low noise and other characteristics, micro DC brushless pump is widely used, such as drinking water machine, coffee maker, new energy vehicle, water heater, PC cooling, medical equipment, intelligent toilet, warm mattress and so on. When we choose a pump, in addition to its performance, parameters, use methods, manufacturers and other necessary factors, the price of micro DC brushless pump will become an important factor affecting whether we buy it or not.

When you buy a DC mini water pump, prices may be different even the pumps are looked similar. The price of a pump is affected by many factors.

Firstly, in the case of the same parameters and categories, the brand is the biggest factor affecting the price of pump. For example, the same is the bag, the price of the cottage bag and the LV bag are different, and the quality is naturally very different.

Secondly, the material. Price will be different based on different material.

Thirdly, purchase quantity. It is not difficult to understand, more quantity per order, lower price. It will naturally not be cheaper if you just buy one or two pieces. This is the different prices of retail and wholesale.

It can be seen that the price of micro DC brushless water pump cannot be generalized, which is affected by many factors. When purchasing a water pump, we should compare with shops around and choose a cost-effective product.

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3. It will not be sold to third parties if the product is custom made.

4. Unconditionally fulfilling the promise during the warranty period to solve your worries!

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