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Silent water pump

Silent water pump refers to the micro water pump with minimal noise. It has one inlet and one outlet, and can continuously form a vacuum or negative pressure at the inlet; Large output pressure is formed at the water outlet; The working medium is water or liquid; An instrument of small size.

The noise of the water pump mainly comes from two aspects: 1. It is generated by the work of the motor; 2. It is generated by the friction between the water and the pipe wall. The noise of silent water pump is very small and can be basically ignored.

At present, most silent water pumps in the market are DC silent water pumps, because DC water pumps have the characteristics of long service life, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, stable operation and strong waterproof, which ensure low noise during operation. Some can reduce the noise below 25dB.

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  1. R & D, design and production of silent water pump

  2. Application range of silent water pump.

  3. Selection of silent water pumps: What are the standards for silent water pumps?

  4. How to Choose a silent Water Pump?

  5. Characteristics of silent water pump

R & D, design and production of silent water pump

Dongguan Shenpeng Electronics Co., Ltd was found in 2012 and is specialized in brush-less DC water pumps. As a global BLDC water pump solutions specialist, it integrates R&D, manufacture with sales.The products are mainly applied to New-energy vehicle, mattress, home appliance (water heater, dish washer, coffee machine, water dispenser), smart toilet, cosmetic/medical equipment, machine tool equipment, air conditioning base station, PC, LED cooling system, aquarium etc.

Shenpeng was the earliest company that managed to produce the brushless DC water pumps. It is located in Changping, Dongguan and covers an area of 18000㎡. With an in-house CNAS standard laboratory, 300-thousand-grade dust-free workshop and 10 professional production lines. The annual production capacity is more than 5 million sets of water pumps and it is one of the largest manufacturer of BLDC water pump in China. It won many honorable titles such as High-tech Enterprise, Multiplication Enterprise etc.

Application range of silent water pump:

Silent water pumps are widely used in water treatment, environmental protection, medical treatment, industrial control, scientific research laboratories, etc. they need to meet the needs of small size, low noise, low power consumption, and can be widely used for lifting, transfer, pressurization, spray, spraying, water circulation, transportation and other purposes. Among them, it is particularly important to apply it in the aquarium and the water heating mattress. Because most of these two industries work continuously for a long time and are closely related to people's daily life, the volume control is very strict. Imagine that when you sleep, the water heating mattress makes a huge noise, which is very serious for your sleep quality. In addition, the fish tank at home makes a huge noise, which is hard to accept, So the silent water pump is a good solution to this problem.

Selection of silent water pumps: What are the standards for silent water pumps ?

You can choose according to the following principles.

1. Working medium at room temperature (0-70℃), simply pumping water or solution, not using both water and gas, and has requirements for flow and output pressure.

Note: The working medium to be pumped is water, non-oily, not strong corrosive liquids and other solutions (can not contain solid particles, etc.), must not have self-priming function, you can choose the following pumps:

(1). The flow requirements are not high (about 12-20 liters/min), and the pressure requirements are not high (about 8-11 kg), mainly used for water circulation, water sampling, lifting, etc., requiring low noise, long life, small size, etc., Then the optional P4520 and P6077 series;

(2). High flow requirements (about 11 to 90 liters/minute) and high pressure requirements (about 9 to 40 kg), mainly used in industries such as circulation, booster, and chiller, and do not need to work under high pressure or heavy load for a long time , you can choose P6037, P6076 and other series;

(3). It is used in the plumbing mattress industry, etc., which requires as small a volume as possible, small flow requirements and low noise (about 1-3 liters/min), and P4002, P4549 and other series are optional.

2. Working medium at room temperature (0-50℃), need to pump water or gas (may be mixed with water and gas or idling, dry running), pay attention to the performance of volume, noise, continuous use and so on.

Description: It is required to be used for both water and gas, and it can run dry for a long time without damaging the pump; it can run continuously for 24 hours; the volume is particularly small and the noise is low, but the requirements for flow and pressure are not high.

(1). Pump air or vacuum with a micro pump, but sometimes liquid water will enter the pump cavity.

(2). The micro-pump is required to be able to pump both air and water.

(3). Use a micro pump to pump water, but sometimes the pump may have no water to pump, and it is in a "dry run" state.

(4). Mainly use micro-pumps to pump water, but do not want to manually add "water diversion" before pumping, that is, hope that the pump has a "self-priming" function.

3. High temperature working medium (0-100℃), such as water circulation heat dissipation, water cooling, or pumping high temperature liquid, etc., must use high temperature type.

(1). The temperature is between 50-70°C, the water pump P6077 and high temperature medium type used in the water heater industry can be selected, and the maximum temperature resistance temperature is 80°C or 100°C;

(2). If the temperature is between 50-100°C, the P3503 series high temperature medium type must be selected, and the maximum temperature resistance temperature is 100°C; (when extracting high-temperature water (water temperature exceeds about 80°C), due to the gas precipitation in the water, It will greatly reduce the pumping flow.

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