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How to choose a smart toilet mini water pump?

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Smart toilet mini water pump refers to a type of water pump that acts on the intelligent toilet, bringing a large flow of flushing through the water pump, making the toilet as smooth and clean as new after going to the toilet. smart toilet mini water pumps generally use brushless DC pumps, which not only have large flow, long service life, but also have low noise and no need for maintenance.

smart toilet mini water pump

With the continuous increase in the number of smart toilet mini water pumps, product quality is also uneven, especially the water volume and pressure, greatly affecting the toilet experience, and there are certain potential safety issues. Therefore, selecting a good smart toilet mini water pump is very important. As a smart toilet manufacturer, how do we choose a cost-effective smart toilet micro water pump?

High performance intelligent toilet micro water pumps must have the following characteristics: long service life, energy conservation and environmental protection, large flow, and high lift. As a manufacturer of smart toilet mini water pumps, Shenpeng has a high reputation and technical strength in the industry. Shenpeng has introduced different performance water pumps for intelligent toilets with and without water tanks. Most intelligent toilets without water tanks use high lift pumps to increase the outlet pressure; Intelligent toilets with water tanks typically use large flow pumps. The pumps produced by Shenpeng Company use brushless motors, which are small in size, low in power consumption, and have a service life of up to 20000 hours. They are widely recognized by the industry and customers.

As people continue to improve their health awareness, they are increasingly concerned about their health issues, especially the choice of intelligent toilets. The integrated intelligent toilet has gradually entered the life of most families, becoming one of the most important household appliances in life.


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