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What is micro diaphragm pump?

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Micro diaphragm pump refers to a pump with two ports, one inlet and one outlet, and capable of continuously forming a vacuum or negative pressure at the inlet; A large output pressure is formed at the outlet; The working medium is water or liquid; A compact device. Also known as "micro liquid pump, micro water pump" and so on. Therefore, a micro diaphragm pump can also be referred to as a micro water pump.

micro diaphragm pump

Analysis of the working principle of the micro diaphragm pump:

It uses the negative pressure generated by the pump to first pump out the air in the pipe, and then pump up the water. By the circular movement of the motor, the diaphragm inside the water pump is reciprocated through the mechanical device, thereby compressing and stretching the air in the pump cavity (fixed volume). Under the action of the one-way valve, a positive pressure (actually) is formed at the drain port. The output pressure is related to the boost of the pump discharge port and the characteristics of the pump); a vacuum is formed at the pumping port, which creates a pressure difference between the external atmospheric pressure. Under the action of the pressure difference, the water is pressed into the water inlet and then discharged from the drain. Under the action of the kinetic energy transmitted by the motor, water is continuously sucked in and discharged to form a relatively stable flow.

The advantages of long-life mini diaphragm air pump:

1. Dedicated to pumping air, the working medium is gas, no oil, no pollution, strong expandability, and maintenance-free;

2. High temperature resistance; compact size; can be idling, dry, and pumped when exposed to air;

3. Long life: high-quality motor drive, better raw materials, equipment, and technology are used to manufacture, and all components used are durable products, which can increase the life of the pump in an all-round way and guarantee the quality.

4. Low interference: does not interfere with the surrounding electronic components, does not pollute the power supply, and will not cause the control circuit, LCD screen, etc. to crash;

5. Large flow (up to 10-20L/MIN), high lift;

6. It can be widely used in laboratories, beauty, medical treatment, gas sampling, gas analysis, medical and health, vacuum adsorption, automatic control and other industries.

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