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The working principle and application of brushless DC circulating water pump

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The brushless DC circulating water pump has low interference. Because it is equipped with a brushless motor, it does not generate clutter to pollute the power supply and interfere with nearby electronic components like a brushed motor. It will not cause any interference to the control circuit. Its interference is smaller than our low-interference special products with brush motors, and the cost of bit products is lower.


The brushless DC circulating water pump has a long life. Because it is equipped with a brushless motor, the service life of the motor is greatly extended, which is longer than our long-life special products with a brush motor, and the price is lower than that of the product. According to the principle of "contemporary life design", we have made substantial improvements to many parts of the pump in order to increase the life of the pump.


brushless DC circulating water pump

The brushless DC circulating water pump has a self-protection function. With overheat protection, the motor will automatically stop when the ambient temperature is unexpectedly too high; with overload protection, the motor will also automatically stop when the pump is accidentally stuck. In the event of an accident during pump operation, it can protect itself so that it will not be burned or damaged.


The detailed magnet and impeller of the brushless DC circulating water pump are injection molded into one body to form the rotor of the motor. There is a directly injection molded shaft sleeve in the middle of the rotor, which is fixed in the shell by a high-performance ceramic shaft. The detailed stator and circuit board of the brushless DC circulating water pump Part of the pump body is potted with epoxy resin, and there is a thin-walled isolation between the stator and the rotor, and there is no need to match with a traditional mechanical shaft seal, so it is completely sealed. The torsion of the motor is the magnetic field generated by the coil on the silicon steel sheet (stator) to drive the permanent magnet (rotor) to work. 


The brushless DC circulating water pump performs n (n is an even number) stage magnetization on the magnets so that the magnet parts form a complete coupling magnetic system with each other. When the magnetic poles produced by the stator coils are opposite to the magnetic poles of the magnet, that is, the displacement angle between the two magnetic poles Φ=0, the magnetic energy of the magnetic system is the lowest at this time; when the magnetic poles rotate to the same poles, the displacement between the two magnetic poles The angle Φ=2π/n, the magnetic energy of the magnetic system is the maximum at this time. After removing the external force, since the magnetic poles of the magnetic system repel each other, the magnetic force will restore the magnet to the lowest magnetic energy state.


The brushless DC circulating water pump generates motion with the magnet, which drives the magnet rotor to rotate. The brushless DC circulating water pump is electronically commutated without using carbon brushes. The magnet rotor and the stator silicon steel sheet have multi-level magnetic fields. When the magnet rotor rotates an angle relative to the stator, it will automatically change the magnetic pole direction, so that the rotor always maintains the same level. Repulsion, so that the brushless DC circulating water pump has a higher speed and efficiency.   The stator and rotor of the brushless DC circulating water pump are completely isolated, completely avoiding the liquid leakage problem of the traditional motor-based brushless DC water pump. And it can be used completely submersible and completely waterproof, effectively improving the service life and performance of the pump.


Check and repair the brushless DC water pump after failure, check whether the brushless DC water pump shaft is bent, the degree of shaft neck wear, and whether the thread of the shaft end is damaged. Check whether the blades on the impeller are broken, and whether the shaft hole is severely worn. Check the degree of wear of the water seal and bakelite gasket, if it exceeds the limit of use, replace it with a new one. Check the wear of the bearing. Use a meter to measure the bearing clearance, and then replace the bearing with a new one.


After the pump is taken out, it can be decomposed in order. After disassembly, the parts should be cleaned, and then checked one by one to see if there are defects such as cracks, damage, and wear. If there are serious defects, they should be replaced. Repair of water seal and seat: If the water seal is worn and grooved, it can be smoothed with tools. The bend of the water pump shaft must not exceed 0.05mm, otherwise it should be replaced. Damaged impeller blades should be replaced.


The bore of the water pump shaft is severely worn and should be replaced or repaired. Check whether the bearing of the water pump rotates flexibly or has abnormal noise. If there is a problem with the bearing, it should be replaced. After the pump is assembled, turn it by hand, the pump shaft should be free from jamming, and the impeller and pump casing should be free from rubbing. Then check the water pump displacement. If there is any problem, check the cause and eliminate it.


The design of the circulating booster DC brushless pump, the booster circulating brushless DC water pump is mainly composed of a brushless motor, a driver, and a water pump impeller. The pump cavity and the motor circuit are completely isolated. The brushless DC water pump adopts electronic component commutation, no need It is a typical mechatronics product that uses carbon brushes to commutate and uses magnetic conversion to generate power to the pump impeller. The control circuit adopts single-chip programming control, which mainly controls the pump's work, stop, speed regulation, signal output, abnormal protection, etc., abnormal protections include: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, locked-rotor protection, overheating protection, lack of phase protection, etc. Very good protection of the service life of the pump.


The rotor and impeller design has three structures: fully enclosed, semi-enclosed and fully open, which can be selected according to customer performance requirements to improve the use efficiency of the pump. The structure is designed as a motor type, the rotor and the stator are completely isolated, and the stator and circuit board are potted with epoxy resin, which is 100% waterproof. The shaft adopts high-performance wear-resistant ceramics and graphite bushings, with low noise, small size, high efficiency, long life, stable and reliable performance. Circulating, pressurized DC brushless water pumps are mainly used for water heater pressurization, solar water heater cycle pressurization, automobile heating cycle, pure electric vehicle battery refrigeration cycle, computer CPU cooling and heat dissipation cycle, agricultural and forestry irrigation spraying, mechanical equipment cycle pressurization, etc.


Brushless DC circulating water pumps are mainly used in boosting gas water heater booster pumps, solar water heater pumps: wall-mounted solar water pumps, flat solar high temperature water pumps, electric water heater booster pumps: instantaneous water heater booster pumps, mobile water heater pressure Pumps, air energy heat pumps, water heaters, water pumps, etc.


Brushless DC circulating water pumps can also be used for cold and heat exchange cycles, especially computer CPU cooling and heat dissipation circulating pumps, car parking heating, preheating circulating pumps, pure electric vehicle battery cooling circulating pumps, hybrid vehicle motor cooling circulating pumps, and floor heating circulation Water pump, floor heating air conditioner circulating pump, solar pressure type water tank circulating high temperature pump, lathe equipment cooling circulating pump, heating and cooling mattress water circulating pump


The brushless DC circulating water pump has obvious advantages, complete protection functions, stable and reliable performance. Motor structure design, low noise and long life. High temperature resistance, working temperature can reach 100℃. It can be fully submerged and has a waterproof level of XP68. The cost is not high, but the work efficiency is high, and the performance is stable and reliable.

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