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Main features of food grade water pump

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1. Small size and large flow of food water pump;

2. No pulsation of liquid flow;

3. It can transport gas liquid and foam liquid without air resistance;

4. It can transport suspended hard and soft particle media without damage to the pump and media;

5. Gentle action does not damage shear sensitive and thixotropic media

6. Meet FDA standards.

7. The food pump head can be quickly disassembled and installed for cleaning (the shortest downtime)-even a novice, disassembly and assembly will not exceed five minutes. Meet CIP cleaning in place (up to 100℃).

8. Compared with competitive pumps, it has small investment, low maintenance and operating costs.

1)The service life is about 10,000 hours under normal conditions (under normal temperature environment)

2)low noise ≤35dba at a distance of 1 meter.

3)working performance can work continuously for 24 hours

4)pump working temperature: minus 25 degrees Celsius to positive 80 degrees Celsius

5)This water pump has very good waterproof performance and can work in water or on land.

6)This water pump is a food-grade product, made of high temperature resistant materials, can work uninterrupted in hot water for a long time, and can work continuously 24 hours a day.

7)This is shown as a centrifugal water pump, with large flow, high lift and low power consumption.


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