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Common faults and noise solutions of brushless DC water pumps


Brushless DC water pump usually has faults in use, and the methods to solve the faults are also simple. Some of them can be checked and solved by themselves. Below are some troubleshooting methods and failure causes.

Reasons for the high temperature of the brushless DC water pump

The power supply voltage is high, more than 10% of the rated voltage of the motor, causing the iron loss of the motor to increase, and the motor heats up.

The power supply voltage is too low, less than 5% of the rated voltage of the motor, and the motor will generate heat when running at the rated load.


The solution is to adjust the grade of the transformer tap switch and adjust the power supply voltage to within the normal range. The three-phase power supply voltage is unbalanced, and the voltage unbalance between phases exceeds 5%, causing the three-phase current unbalance and causing the motor to heat up. If the motor load is too large, the load should be reduced or a motor with a suitable capacity should be replaced, and the start-up is too frequent.


brushless DC water pump

Reasons why the brushless DC motor cannot start:

  1)Insufficient power supply voltage or poor contact

  2)The control circuit of the brushless DC motor controller is not connected or connected less

  3)Motor Hall is damaged, motor coil insulation is reduced, causing burnout, and motor rotor magnets lose magnetization

  4)The motor load far exceeds its own load torque

  5)The power supply voltage is too high or unstable


How to generate noise and vibration inside the brushless DC water pump:

Electromagnetic noise The magnetic slot effect produced by the magnetic field, which produces magnetic force when the magnets in the rotor cut the stator teeth. When the magnetic force is transferred from one tooth to another tooth, the magnetic force helps or prevents the rotation and makes the rotor accelerate or decelerate regularly. Cogging caused by uneven magnetic tension. Other noises include unreasonable matching of bearings and end covers, and large axial clearances, etc., will cause noise.


Some issues that should be paid attention to in scheme design:

Not designed well in the early stage: The detailed design of the motor must be considered globally, starting from the selection of the cogging, and then compensating for the details of the structure, process, parameters, etc., it can also achieve the effects of high power density, high efficiency, and low noise. Yes, you can work hard from the design of magnets and punching sheets.


The mold has been opened: increase the length of the air gap, reduce the thickness of the magnetic steel, and reduce the magnetic density.

Treatment of common defects of brushless DC water pump

1. The brushless DC water pump does not turn on without any noise: check the power circuit and wiring;

2. There is buzzing noise when the brushless DC water pump does not turn on: check whether the power supply is too small (the power supply should be ≥ 1.5 times the pump power), and check whether the water pump rotor is blocked by dirt;

3. The brushless DC water pump cannot pump water: there is air in the pump cavity or in the water pipe; Exhaust gas, and start and stop the water pump repeatedly for more than 3 times, and let the water pump work for several minutes before normal water discharge;

4. The brushless DC water pump cannot reach the required flow: the impeller is damaged, the rotation speed is not enough, the head is too high, there is debris in the pipe, there is air in the pump cavity or there is air in the water pipe, and the water pump is repeatedly started and stopped for more than 3 times;

5. The head is insufficient. The reasons for this failure are: there is air in the conveying medium, the impeller is damaged, the rotating speed is not enough, the specific gravity of the conveying liquid is too large, and the flow is too large;

6. There is abnormal sound when the brushless DC water pump is running: there may be foreign matters in the pump cavity, so clean the pump cavity;

7. Heating of water pump motor: check whether the brushless DC water pump rotor is blocked, whether the power supply is normal, and whether the pump body of the water pump motor is damaged;

8. Large vibration and noise: test; When the brushless DC water pump is placed on the paddle surface or the board is connected to the rated working voltage, there is great vibration and noise; If the water pump in operation is held in hand or put into water and feels vibration but no noise, it may be caused by rotor eccentricity, shaft hole enlargement or blade damage and deformation. Treatment: slight vibration: with noise, add shockproof soft cotton or sponge gasket to prevent vibration; Replace the rotor in case of serious vibration and large noise;

9. The brushless DC water pump is noisy during power-on operation; Check whether there are foreign matters in the pump cavity, whether the rotor and rotating shaft are normal, whether the gasket, rotating shaft, front end cover and pump body are intact, and whether the power supply voltage is normal;

10. Water leakage: the brushless DC water pump casing is poorly assembled and the sealing ring is missing;

11. The brushless DC water pump shaft is made of stainless steel and zirconia. The main reason for the pump shaft breaking is that the shaft is deformed (stainless steel shaft) or twisted (zirconia) due to the dry grinding and heating of the bearing when the pump is running empty. When the pump is disassembled for inspection, it can be seen that the magnetic rotor shaft sleeve has been seriously worn or the zirconia shaft is broken. The main method is to avoid idling of the pump;

12. The brushless DC water pump bearing is damaged; The bearing of the water pump is made of graphite high-density carbon. If the pump breaks or there are impurities in the water pump, the bearing will be damaged and eccentric. If the coaxiality requirements between the inner and outer magnetic rotors of the cylindrical coupling are not guaranteed, the service life of the bearing will also be directly affected.

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