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How to choose a Chiller water pump?


The Chiller water pump refers to the water pump used in the water-cooled Chiller. It is a kind of miniature DC water pump. Usually, the cooling water or coolant flows in from the water inlet and the water outlet is sent to the destination.

Working principle of Chiller water pump:

That is, the water pump transports the water or liquid cooled by the Chiller to the equipment that needs to be cooled to achieve cooling. The function of the water pump is to continuously circulate the liquid or water to achieve a continuous cooling effect.

Chiller water pump

How to choose a Chiller water pump:

The water Chiller pump must choose a strong manufacturer, so that the quality can be guaranteed. The service life of the pump produced by Shenpeng Electronics is usually more than 20,000 hours. It uses a brushless motor, small size, low power consumption, and low noise. Water Chiller manufacturers have cooperation. Shenpeng has been focusing on brushless DC water pumps for 16 years and has been recognized by the majority of manufacturers. If you are a chiller manufacturer, please consult us if you have pump needs. We can provide sample testing and order You are welcome to consult at any time, thank you!

Chiller water pump failure and cause analysis

Chiller water pump failure: abnormal noise of water pump, overload of water pump, large vibration, unsmooth suction, failure to start, insufficient flow, heat of water pump, burning of water pump, etc.

Chiller reasons for abnormal chiller water pump: air entering the water pump will reduce the efficiency of the pump and cause abnormal noise. Loose pipe screws, aging parts and air holes, and failure of sealing valves are the main reasons for poor cooling water circulation; Replace or repair the water pump.

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